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Hesta Gives Back: Supporting women affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Our sister brand Hesta has donated menstrual cups to women affected by Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Taller Malaquita Organization. We are so grateful to take part in this opportunity to give back to our community and support hurricane relief. Here are some photos of women who have received our Hesta Menstrual Cup showing delighted faces.


Taller Malaquita is an organization started in Puerto Rico which consists of women artists who express themselves through different forms of art.


Back in September when Hurricane Maria hit, they reached out to us to support them in providing our reusable menstrual cups so they won’t have to go through the worries of cost in purchasing feminine products for their period. We were so elated to help provide for them as we are working towards giving back to the community and supporting impactful causes. This was our first ever donation and partnership through Hesta so we are filled with joy that our Hesta Cups are in good hands being used by bold and courageous women.

Please consider checking out Taller Malaquita at

If you are part of a relief organization that supports the health of women let us know so we can help.

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