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Is it OK to exercise on your period?

Image via Longevity Health

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It’s complicated.

But still, yes.

😎 Let's be Rael.

When we’re menstruating, breaking a sweat is the last thing on our minds. The bloat, fatigue and cramping make us want to stay curled up on the couch all day, and the simple thought of moving around can be daunting to entertain.

👉 Did you know?

Working out can actually alleviate period symptoms.

Everybody knows exercise releases endorphins—the chemicals that signal positivity to the brain and make you feel good after crushing a brutal workout. In turn, endorphins relieve pain and help get rid of prostaglandins, another hormonal chemical that can cause physical pain, inflammation and fever. The more you exercise, the more endorphins you release. And the more endorphins you release, the less pain you feel.

💪 Which exercise is best? 

Some studies show that high-intensity training is best during that time of month while other researchers recommend low-impact exercises like Pilates or yoga. While this may be confusing to some out there, we live by this rule: Do what makes you glow, inside and out. 

💦 No leaking at the gym

Stay well-protected with products that keep you leak-free and comfortable, no matter what. We made our pads and tampons to withstand the sweatiest of workouts - plus, they're made with 100% organic cotton and come with the risk-free benefits that conventional pads don't. Don't worry about leaking or picking that uncomfortable wedgie in public ever again. Be Rael.

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