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It's not always easy being a women

We will be soon launching a new short clip to inform you about our organic pads, which some may call sanitary pads. We always think about hygiene and the negative effects of using inorganic, unsafe, chemical pads. We do not want any of that. So, our video will explain the struggles of being a woman. Adults always say how they wish they were forever 21. But, as a young woman it’s hard when it comes to the responsibilities as a woman to figure out what is best for our body, face, and skin. As organic products are emerging we hope our product can give the easiest most effective access with great benefits.

Our video will tell a story about the difficulties of being a woman in the 21st century. Women have difficulty always figuring out what to wear and whether dressing to impress is always worth it. Some days you may feel like wearing your leggings and pair of sneakers to be comfy. Other days you might want to dance around with your brand new maxi skirt and heels. The weather is another issue especially if your period comes on a hot, humid summer day. It is always hard when people put a standard up for women.

Do women always have to be beautiful on the outside? Why can’t they just be comfortable and wear basketball shorts like men? Are body figures that important? Am I an apple or a pear shape? There are always these thoughts that run through our head. Trust us, you will grow to love Rael, the more you use it and realize it is essential for your monthly flows. It will only make your problems as a woman so much simpler.

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