Daily Zen (4392906489971)
Daily Zen (4392906489971)
Daily Zen (4392906489971)
Daily Zen (4392906489971)
Daily Zen (4392906489971)
Product image 1Daily Zen (4392906489971)
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Product image 3Daily Zen (4392906489971)
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Product image 5Daily Zen (4392906489971)

Daily Zen
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Balancing Toner 5 fl.oz

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Unlike traditional toners that can strip and dehydrate skin, Daily Zen soothes and deeply hydrates to protect skin’s natural resilience. Low acidity of this multi-tasking toner also restores pH levels in skin, which can become fragile and sensitive after cleansing. Vitamin B5 and Chinaberry Extract leaves skin feeling healthy and bouncy. Add this step in your skincare routine for real and visible differences in moisture levels. 

Made With

penetrating H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex for deep moisturization, protective Chinaberry Extract, and soothing Vitamin B5.

Made Without

harsh ingredients that irritate, inflame, and strip away skin's protective barrier. 



3-in-1 Multi-Tasker: rehydrates, balances, and preps. 

Make the Most of Your Self-Care Routine

Preps skin's surface to maximize skincare benefits

Sweep saturated cotton pad over dry face and neck. Follow with rest of skincare routine.

The result:

Balanced, refreshed, at one with Mother Nature.

Clean, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Made with potent, naturally-derived ingredients and without the use of toxic or irritating chemicals. Period. Learn more about Rael Beauty Science
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