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Glow Chemistry. Clean Antioxidant Skincare Serum.
Glow Chemistry Serum and Moisture Melt Snowball work together to deliver 100 hours of hydration! Simply add 1-2 pumps of serum onto the snowball and melt it into skin.
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Glow Chemistry Antioxidant Serum

Prevent Premature Aging With Rich Antioxidants

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Packed with Fullerene, a powerful antioxidant 172x the potency of Vitamin C, our skin-loving serum fights free radicals, helps prevent acne and premature aging. Deeply hydrating H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex improves skin’s moisture levels by 112% while reducing redness and irritation with soothing Green Tea Leaf Extract. Use with Moisture Melt Snowball for 100 hours of moisture. Your skin will thank you.


  • Protective Fullerene
  • Soothing Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Moisturizing H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex

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Glow Chemistry Antioxidant Serum

$20.40 Regular price $29.99

Dull, dry, congested skin was so last month.

Brighter, clearer, smoother – if only you had known sooner.

Use 2-3 pumps of serum and gently pat on face and neck. Use with Moisture Melt Snowball for an intensive hydrating treatment.

More About Glow Chemistry Antioxidant Serum

When should I use the Glow Chemistry Antioxidant Serum?

Whether you're a skincare vet looking for a new favorite or a novice who wants to level up their current routine, Glow Chemistry is for you. Reach for this serum after washing and toning your face for a brighter, smoother, clearer glow – your skin will thank you!

What type of skin is this good for?

Our Skin Essentials line is safe and suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

What are the active ingredients?

Glow Chemistry is packed full of clean, powerful ingredients that soothe and protect blemish-prone and aging skin.

  • H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex: a holy grail ingredient that provides long lasting hydration throughout the day
  • Water-encapsulated Fullerene: a powerful antioxidant (super stable and 172x as potent as Vitamin C!) that absorbs and eliminates free radicals
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: a natural miracle that calms redness, irritation, and inflammation

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