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Power Duo
Power Duo
Power Duo
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Power Duo
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Regular & Super Tampons 32 count

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Making your heavy days feel light and your light days feel even lighter, our redesigned tampon duo is scientifically formulated with 100% certified organic cotton from tip to string, free of chlorine bleaching and housed in a slim plant-based plastic applicator for peak performance and comfort. Tampons are crafted with Leak Locker technology to provide up to 8 hours of leak-free confidence.

Please Note: you may receive either the BPA-Free or Plant-Based applicator tampons while we make the transition. 

      Made With

      responsibly sourced organic cotton from tip to string for your peace of mind.

      Made Without

      harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.


      Redesigned with you in mind for a safer, more comfortable period
      • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton from tip to string unlike conventional tampons
      • Organic cotton protective veil prevents tampon shedding and fiber loss for a safe period
      • Comfort-fit design that expands widthwise for better, faster absorption and 8 hours of leak-free protection
      • Individually wrapped in sustainable paper wrapper
      Designed for all the phases of your cycle
      Designed for all the phases of your cycle

      The BPA-free plastic applicator comfortably and securely inserts tampon to prevent leaks.

      Use Regular for lighter days and Super for heavier flows. Tampons should be changed every 4 to 8 hours.

      The Result:

      You're ready for anything. Your period won't get in your way and neither will these tampons.

      Organic, comfortable, and incredibly effective feminine care Made with potent, naturally-derived ingredients and without the use of toxic or irritating chemicals. Period. Shop Holistic Cycle Care
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