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Rael is committed to making natural and effective menstrual products to all women, because no woman should go without safe period care.

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For every photo shared on Instagram with the hashtag #HappyPeriodsForAll, Rael will donate a period product to a woman in need.


Discover why menstruation equality is important.


Number of cities in the US that provide period products to homeless shelters. Only one city in the United States provides period products to homeless shelters for free. Otherwise, homeless women are left to fend for themselves.


Total cost a woman spends on her period in her lifetime. The estimated total cost of a period over a lifetime is $18,171

19 million

Number of women living in low-income, in poverty, or homeless in the United States. There are over 19 million women in low-income or in poverty in the United States. 216,000 of those women are also homeless.

Local Charity Matters

Rael wants to make a difference by making period care accessible starting with those locally. Rael chose Happy Period as a partner because they support Los Angeles- based women that are homeless, low-income, and or/living in poverty and provides them with menstrual hygiene kits.


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