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Attack Acne with
the Miracle Patch

Super-natural Acne Solutions

Our acne-fighting miracle workers rescue your skin from early stage acne, whiteheads, acne clusters, and post-pimple dark spots.

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Attack Acne with <br>the Miracle Patch Attack Acne with <br>the Miracle Patch
Targeted & Extensive

Targeted & Extensive

Treats a wide variety of blemishes throughout each stage of the acne lifecycle

Safe & Natural

Safe & Natural

Made with potent acne-healing ingredients derived from nature, without the harsh chemicals

K-Beauty Technology

K-Beauty Technology

Inspired by holistic K-Beauty self-care rituals and developed with innovative formulations and ingredients

Dermatologist Tested
Dermatologist Tested
For All Skin Types
For All Skin Types
Made Without
Synthetic FragrancesArtificial DyesParabensSulfatesPhthalatesSilicones
Have Questions? We got answers!
How do pimple patches work? +

Our Miracle Patches replace traditional acne treatments made with harsh ingredients that can aggravate skin, causing redness and irritation. Our non-drying, targeted acne treatments are powered by cutting-edge innovation like hydrocolloid and microneedle technology to treat stubborn breakouts and acne scars quickly and effectively. Miracle Patches protect your skin from bacteria, dirt, and picking while healing and reducing the size of each spot.


How do I apply pimple patches? +

Start with clean skin, making sure to thoroughly dry the area where the patch is being applied. Select your desired patch and apply directly on the spot, pressing down firmly for up to 10 seconds until the patch is adhered onto your skin. For Microcrystal Spot Cover and Dark Spot Cover, make sure to press down around the patch to properly seal the edges.


How long should I leave on pimple patches? +

Our Miracle Patches start working in as little as 4 hours! We recommend to leave on the skin for 4-8 hours for best results.

For Microcrystal Dark Spot Covers, we recommend at least 6 hours to let the active ingredients work their magic.


What are Miracle Patches made of? +

All of our Miracle Patches are made with medical-grade hydrocolloid dressing, a self-adhesive covering that gently absorbs pus and oil to speed up healing while protecting skin from harmful bacteria, dirt, and picking.

Our Microcrystal Spot Covers are designed with microneedle technology to penetrate deep below the skin's surface and deliver acne-healing ingredients direct to the source. Microcrystal Spot Cover uses Tea Tree Oil, Totarol, and Hyaluronic Acid to calm redness, fight bacteria, and hydrate skin for faster healing. Microcrystal Dark Spot Cover uses Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, and Broccoli Extract to visibly brighten dark spots and even out skin tone.


Spot Cover Variety Set

Spot Cover Variety Set

Your pimple fighting starter kit
$32.00 $36.00

Our powerful trio of Miracle Patches have you covered for all your acne concerns.

Believe in Miracles

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Don't Pop Pimples,
Miracle Patch Them

Whether emerging, surfaced, or flattened, isolated or clustered, you can find your perfect patch match. SHOP THE ENTIRE COLLECTION
Don't Pop Pimples,<br>Miracle Patch Them Don't Pop Pimples,<br>Miracle Patch Them
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