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Acne Healing PAtch

Use beauty technology that actually gets the job done. Our patches use non-toxic ingredients that are extremely effective, and safe for your skin. They are translucent, allowing you to get rid of blemishes and pimples without drawing any attention. Each box comes with patches in 2 different sizes to cover and remove all types of pimples.

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Wave goodbye to breakouts

By combining high-grade hydrocolloid with beveled technology, we created a simple yet effective spot treatment to heal unwanted blemishes without the use of toxins or harsh chemicals. 


Those little pimples get in the way of feeling confident and comfortable. With our acne healing patch, we offer a way to deal with a small problem that makes a big impact. 

 • Our patches are made to adhere directly to your skin for hours to extract pus and impurities without any interference from you. 

 • When you see a little pimple emerging, you can use our pimple patches to prevent those big invasive zits.

 • The patch is built to keep germs and infections out, while stopping you from picking, and touching the blemish minimizing scaring and accelerating the healing process.


We've tested almost all of the patches out there, and nothing worked as well as they should have. So as customers of a product like this, we decided to produce and design a solution that suits our needs. 

Designed with high-grade hydrocolloid to effectively tackle surfaced pimples and keep emerging ones a bay.

Translucent so you can confidently wear the patches whenever and wherever, even in direct sunlight.

Perforated back sheets provide for easy 
peeling and application.


"WORKS WONDERS" - AUG 06, 2018

 Chanel - Verified Purchaser

"These little patches work wonders! I use the large ones for cystic acne and the small ones for hormonal acne before my period. I leave it on overnight and by morning the swelling and redness are gone!"


 Miranda - Verified Purchaser

“They ended up working better than my acne gel and wash. I applied them to 2 spots for about 6 hours and then applied another for about 4 hours after that and when I took them off the second time they had almost disappeared. Also they almost completely concealed my pimples while I had them on and I didn't even need to put makeup on them, however you can apply makeup on over them. Definitely recommend these if you have random acne that pops up every once in a while. They are great for concealing and healing pimples.”

"IT WORKS WELL." - August 29, 2018

 Sooran - Verified Purchaser

"I did not expect these to work - so I bought them just to try and see what the hype was about. They really work. I put them on overnight and my blemishes are gone.
This is a must have for anyone of all ages."



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