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Product Innovation

Every period experience
should be better than the last.

We don’t believe in mass production. This allows us to listen to feedback and make changes as needed, and it ensures
the integrity of our line by keeping all products up-to-date so that nothing is sitting in warehouses for extended periods of time.


We care about comfort and performance.


How we’re made.

Organic Cotton

Major brands use chemical processes to manufacture their pads, liners and tampons. These harmful practices are
what make conventional products absorbent and reliable, even if toxic. We’re here to change that. 

Not only are Rael pads and liners made with 100% certified organic cotton, they’re comfortable—and they work.
Here’s how we do it: Rael how it works

  1. Our cotton is sourced from Texas, known for its safe, clean labor and integrity of the farmers who carefully pick each bale. Click here to learn more about conventional versus organic cotton.
  2. The cotton is packaged and sent to our laboratory in South Korea, known for having one of the safest feminine care practices in the world.
  3. The material is transformed and packaged into pads and liners in an open, sterile environment.
  4. Our pads and liners are shipped back to sunny California, where our team is located, to be distributed to customers.


Experience the difference
See the Rael Collection
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