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Feminine Care


We are elevating the standard for feminine care by combining innovative, practical designs with natural ingredients sourced at the highest caliber.

Because our bodies deserve better.

Real Ingredients

For years, brands have used toxic ingredients, artificial fragrances, and chemical processes to manufacture their period products. What's even scarier? The law does not require companies to disclose which ingredients they use.

Rael products are made with natural materials and ethically-sourced organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals.

Details That Matter

Our dedicated R&D Team spends months surveying the latest technologies and newest equipment around the globe. That's because we believe in constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation.

When we are empowered to want more, we are empowered to do better.

Made with Care

We take pride in manufacturing in small batches. This allows us to listen to women's feedback and ensure our products are covering all women's needs. This also allows us for better control, and allow us to ensure that the integrity of our line is not sacrificed by issues that arise through mass production.


Our certified organic cotton is sourced from Texas, known for its clean labor and high integrity of the local farmers who carefully pick each bale.


The cotton is packaged and sent to our facilities in South Korea, known for having one of the safest, most hygienic feminine care manufacturing practices in the world.


Our products are manufactured in an open, sterile environment, and triple-packaged to maintain the integrity of the organic cotton for transport.


The products are received by our warehouse in Southern California, and distributed to our retail partners or hand-packaged with care by our team for orders directly to you.

Experience Rael

We do feminine care differently.

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