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Hey Girl! Congrats on Your First Period

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 FIRST period kit

everything you need for your first period.

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Made specifically for menstrual first-timers

An all inclusive kit with the healthiest products possible, to transition you from teen to womanhood, with health, safety and ease.

What's included: (click TABS for instructions)

1 Petite Pads
1 Regular Pads
1 Regular Liners
1 Period Panties
1 Feminine wipes
1 Tea Tree Facial Sheet Mask
1 Acne Healing Patch
1 Pouch
1 Set of Stickers


The Petite Pad is perfect for teens and women who need more protection than thin panty liners but less protection than a bulkier regular pad. It's the perfect size and fit for girls experiencing periods for the first time!



We made the Petite Pad with the same level of quality and care you can find in all other Rael products. This means high-grade, sustainably-sourced ingredients like 100% certified organic Texas-grown cotton.



As women, we should celebrate menstruation! Getting your period for the first time is exciting and life-changing—literally. Period talk is still taboo in our culture. We hope to break that barrier and empower young girls to embrace healthy menstruation with open arms.

Join the Rael movement in encouraging girls to unashamedly talk all-things-period and mindfully use healthy products that enrich menstrual cycles—and beyond.

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