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Your Vulva Deserves a Spa Day Your Vulva Deserves a Spa Day

Your Vulva Deserves a Spa Day

Soothing Vulva Care Collection Give special treatment to your special areas with botanical ingredients that cleanse, moisturize, and balance pH levels. LEARN MORE SHOP NOW
Clean <br>Ingredients


Made with potent, naturally derived ingredients and without the use of harsh chemicals

K-Beauty <br>Technology


Inspired by holistic K-Beauty self-care rituals and developed with innovative formulations

pH <br>Balanced


Maintains your natural pH levels to defend against bacteria & yeast infections

On your period? Shave or wax? Have sex? Workout? You need this. On your period? Shave or wax? Have sex? Workout? You need this.
Interior Vagina Your vagina is self-cleaning and does not require specialized products for cleansing and maintenance.
Exterior Vulva Your vulva is the delicate skin outside of your vagina and can be prone to irritation from everyday stressors (think: laundry detergents, synthetic fibers, harsh soaps, condoms, and fragranced products)!
Innovations in Intimate Health

On your period? Shave or wax? Have sex? Workout? You need this.

Our clean, soothing formulas combine K-Beauty technology with our feminine care expertise to powerfully combat everyday discomfort, itchiness, chafing, thinning skin and inflammation while balancing pH levels. No harsh chemicals, fragrances and unnecessary ingredients. Safe for use every day.
Fragrance-Free Fragrance-Free
Paraben-Free Paraben-Free
Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
Vegan Vegan
For All <br>Skintypes For All
Have Questions?
OBGYN Dr. Shamsha Amersi & Rael CEO Yanghee Paik has answers! +
What’s up down there? Let’s get intimate with our intimate areas.
What are some common vulvar discomfort issues and what can we do to alleviate these symptoms? +

Dr. Amersi: My younger patients come in with concerns about sexual health and feeling embarrassed about the way their body smells, the way their discharge smells, how much discharge they're having, misdiagnosing themselves with infections when truly they're just having normal vaginal secretions that are healthy and part of your health.

In our practice, the biggest complaint we see on a regular basis is vaginal infection and vulvar irritation from hormone fluctuations, especially related to hormone changes following different life milestones. As women go through hormonal changes following childbirth and also well into their late 30s through their 50s—when both vaginal and vulvar tissue starts to thin out—they start to describe painful sex, lack of orgasm, vaginal burning, and irritation after sexual activity.


Why is it important to maintain a healthy vulva pH level? +

Dr. Amersi: The pH scale denotes how acidic or basic something is. When the pH starts at zero, that's more acidic, and it goes all the way up to 14, which is basic, with 7 being neutral. If we remember from science class, the pH is the natural environment and the most optimal environment that our cellular tissue lives in. The vaginal and vulvar health optimizes at a pH of about 3.5 to 5—naturally on the more acidic side.

When women are exposed to semen, sperm will bring a pH to 7, which disrupts the balance. Blood has a pH of about 7.4. We see so many instances of bacterial vaginosis during menstruation and after sexual activity because we constantly experience changes in vaginal and vulvar pH.

Lactobacillus Aloe Complex is really helpful because it keeps our pH at that magic healthy number of 3.5 - 5 where our bodies perform best. That's a really key thing that all consumers should be looking at.


When should we use the Vulva Care line? +

Dr. Amersi: When you're on your menstrual cycle, blood is very toxic and it causes a lot of irritation to the vulvar walls. Patients will constantly come in to see me and say they’re experiencing yeast infections, bacterial infections, and chronic itching only during their menstrual cycle. Using synthetic products or using tampons overnight that are not made well can cause vulva irritation that compounds the toxins from the blood to make women feel so uncomfortable during their menstrual cycle.

Many women, especially after a vaginal birth, need stitches. As the stitches dissolve and heal, the skin can get very irritated on the outside. These products would be an amazing asset for women, especially on the sutures on the outside.

One of the main symptoms in women that worsens over time leading up to or during menopause is the loss of collagen. Collagen is the healthy protein in our body and is filled with all the luscious cells that we need like Hyaluronic Acid, which helps in giving your body its own natural lubrication. So just like our skin ages on our face and the rest of our body, the vulvar skin ages tremendously.

We also see so many instances of bacterial vaginosis and pH imbalances after sexual activity, so using Soothing Wipes immediately after to wipe away any excess sperm or body fluids would help to restore freshness and maintain health.

Yanghee: The Soothing Vulva Care line is also great for calming irritation and discomfort after hair removal and exercise. The whole line is free of fragrances and harsh chemicals so it is safe for daily use if you want to pamper your privates every day!


Who should be using Vulva Care? +

Yanghee: Anyone with a vulva should be using the vulva care line! We’ve developed the line to be safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Our vulvas have been neglected from our self-care for too long.


Nurture with Nature

Hibiscus <br>Extract


Anti-inflammatory properties calm irritation & improve skin texture
H3O Hyaluronic <br>Acid Complex

H3O Hyaluronic
Acid Complex

Three weights of Hyaluronic Acid moisturize skin at every layer
Lactobacillus <br>Aloe Complex

Aloe Complex

Promotes growth of naturally-occuring good bacteria to maintain healthy pH
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