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Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)
Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)
Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)
Product image 1Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)
Product image 2Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)
Product image 3Organic Cotton Incontinence Pads (4535093788787)

Organic Cotton Cover Incontinence Pads
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2 Sizes 40-60 count

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We're #blessed with bodies that can grow humans and thrust them into the world, all while riding hormonal swings. But these superpowers also make us twice as likely as men are to have overactive bladders. Crafted with a super absorbent 4-layer core, our ultra-plush Organic Cotton Cover Pads for Bladder Leaks can keep up with the most active lifestyles (and bladders) while protecting the most sensitive intimate areas. Moderate includes 60 pads total, Ultimate includes 40 pads total. May ship in single or 2-packs. 

Made With

Soft and breathable hypoallergenic cotton cover sheets from Turkey that alleviate unpleasant odors and irritation, while providing the highest levels of leak protection. 

Made Without

Harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens. 



Holistic self-care solutions for all the phases of you. 

Soak It All In
Soak It All In

Leak Guard Technology with contured side cuffs provide all-day overflow protection.

Safe and suitable for all women, skin types, and lifestyles. Ideal for postpartum use.

The Result:

Like having a VIP bathroom in your underwear.

Organic, comfortable, and incredibly effective feminine care Made with potent, naturally-derived ingredients and without the use of harsh or irritating chemicals. Period.
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