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Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Product image 1Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Product image 2Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Product image 3Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Product image 4Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)
Product image 5Spotless Skin Kit (4404017627251)

Spotless Skin Kit
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Blemish Banishing Team

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When zits and dark spots put you in a dark place, our Spotless Skin Kit gives you the power to stop them without popping them. The Invisible Spot Dot and Spot Control Cover smooth blemishes at the surface while the Microcrystal Spot Dot heals imperfections below, and the Spot Corrector brightens discoloration (and your mood!).

What's Included

Invisible Spot Dot 48 Count, Microcrystal Spot Dot 9 Count, Spot Control Cover 10 Count, Spot Corrector

Made Without

harsh toxins that irritate, inflame, and strip away skin's protective barrier.


Acne treatment at its best, so you can live your best.
  1. Microcrystal Spot Dot treats early stage acne under the skin.
  2. Invisible Spot Dot absorbs pus and oil from surfaced acne and whiteheads.
  3. Spot Dot Cover smooths acne hot spots and removes impurities from multiple blemishes at the same time.
  4. Lighten Up Spot Corrector improves skin's clarity and tone.
A brighter future for your face
A brighter future for your face

Clear your skin, clear your mind.

Flatten pimples and lighten dark spots for radiant, flawless skin.

The Result:

Smooth, clear skin that feels as good as it looks

Tough on acne, gentle on you Naturally powerful acne-fighting ingredients that are safe and gentle for every skin type.
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