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5 Skincare Swaps to Make This Summer for Clear, Glowy Skin

Summer is officially here, and that's reason enough to celebrate. One way to toast the start of the new season is with a fresh skincare routine. While the colder months called for heavy creams and Zoom-ready makeup, summer calls for mega hydration, lightweight vibes, and sunkissed, dewy looks. So let this be your friendly reminder to declutter your skincare arsenal for the season and make these five skincare swaps to get your skin ready for summertime.  

Opt for lightweight products

While full-coverage foundation looks really good in the colder months, heavy makeup is a recipe for a meltdown when it’s sizzling outside, literally. The solution: embrace summer's fresh-faced feel with lightweight products such as tinted moisturizer. You'll get some coverage to even out your complexion while still allowing your skin to breathe and let its natural dewiness shine through. If you want to go completely makeup-free, you can also incorporate Rael Beauty's Cica Spot Corrector into your summer skincare routine to clear dark spots and lighten and brighten your natural complexion. Can you say natural beauty? 

Go waterproof baby

If there are numerous socially distanced pool and beach days on your summer itinerary, switching to waterproof products for the season is definitely a great idea. They will help keep your makeup locked in place while you’re laying out by the pool, splishing and splashing in the water, or just out running errands because that can make you sweat too. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Not only is it super important to drink your H20 during the summer months, it's also essential that you keep your skin's thirst quenched too. The clean Rael Beauty Moisture Melt Snowball Intense is perfect for this. The snowballs, which melt in your hand when mixed with the Rael Beauty Good Chemistry Antioxidant Serum, are made of freeze-dried hyaluronic acid concentrate infused with soothing aloe. The result: maximum moisture for a full 24 hours. It also helps calm your skin down and reduce redness after a day of being out in the sun. Consider it your summer skincare MVP.

Slather on the sunscreen

The most essential skincare swap of all is upping your SPF game. Apply sunscreen to your face and body before heading out the door. Also, be sure to reapply throughout the day when you're outside or in the water for extended periods. Bonus points if you also rock a sun hat for extra protection and an added stylish touch to your summer outfit. 

Reach for refreshing products

It's hot outside. You're sweating. You need something to cool you down, stat. Knock two birds with one stone by stocking your skincare cabinet with products that are nourishing for your skin and super refreshing. Rael Beauty's sheet masks, for example, can be popped in the refrigerator beforehand, so the cooling effect is taken to another level. Also, the Rael Beauty Creamy Moisture Mist, made with brightening bamboo grass extract, Chinaberry extract, and H30 hyaluronic acid complex, is small enough to throw in your bag so you have it on hand whenever you need a quick cool down. Just spritz it on your face for an instant boost of skin hydration. Hello, dewy skin.  

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