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Feminine Wash

When life gets messy, give your privates the Rael treatment to keep them fresh and clean.

Vaginal Wash

Our vaginal washes are meticulously crafted to support and maintain vaginal health, respecting the unique needs of your intimate area. Explore our vaginal wash range formulated for those with sensitive skin, ensuring a soothing experience without the risk of irritation or vaginal dryness. Each wash is designed to balance the vaginal pH, fostering a healthy environment for good bacteria and reducing symptoms such as itchiness, odor, discharge, and inflammation. The maintenance of a balanced vaginal flora is key to preventing vaginal odor and infections.

In addition to our vaginal washes, we offer vaginal wipes for convenient cleansing, perfect for managing discharge, sweat, and odor to maintain freshness throughout the day. These products are an essential part of any vulva care routine, promoting sexual health and overall well-being.
Rael is committed to using high-quality, safe ingredients. Our products are free from harsh chemicals and parabens that could disrupt the delicate balance of healthy bacteria or promote bacterial growth. This careful formulation helps prevent bad bacteria from flourishing, thereby reducing odor, itching, and discomfort.

Explore our vulva care products that are both refreshing and respectful of your body's natural ecosystem. Rael’s intimate wash products are a testament to our dedication to providing superior care for your most delicate areas.

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