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Rael Girl’s Guide to PMS

By: Jessica Bippen, MS, RD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist  Your moody, tired, bloated and now you’re hangry. You’v...

How to Deal With Stress

National Stress Awareness Day is celebrated annually to bring awareness to how much stress every person deals with. I...

Top 5 Natural Products We Love At Target

Target isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve gone on a “Target run” sometime within the past year, you may hav...

Thou shalt abide by the underwear rules

  Written By: Naume Guveya G-strings, C-strings, French cuts, classic panties, bikini panties, boy shorts…you guessed...

Essentials to get you through your gym workout while on your period

Working out on your period can be a wonderful thing, but let’s be real. It's just easier said than done...

The Importance of Giving (Back)

Rael is made by and for women—women of different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, orientations, backgrounds. Our foundati...

What Is Your Acne Telling You?

No matter your age, dealing with acne can feel like an unending battle.

Women Who Inspire Us

March is Women’s History Month, with the 8th being International Women’s Day, and we’re here for it. While our missio...

Spilling the tea: The best herbal teas to ease PMS

Whether you’re sore, cramping or bloating, we’re spilling the tea on the best remedies to combat our worst enemies.

Keep your skin glowing through the last few weeks of winter

Don't wait until summer to get that healthy sun-kissed glow.

Does the Moon Affect Your Period?

Before technology, women relied on the moon to predict menstrual cycles. But how are they synchronized exactly?

How to Practice Self-Care: Galentine's Day Edition

However you're spending the romantic season, here’s a foolproof guide to practicing TLC for the most special person ...
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