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Get Real With Rael

Close up drawing of a blackhead on a womans face.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads can make your skin go from glowing to gunky. No one likes the look of tiny black spots covering an area of their skin, and blackheads almost always show...

Circle crop image of some unused tampons sitting on a green surface.

Tampon Won't Stay in? Here's What to Do

You’re out the door and ready to start your day when you feel that uncomfortably “dropping” feeling that no one wants to experience. Your tampon can’t be falling out-you just...

two hands reaching out for a panty liner in the center of the image.

What Are Panty Liners Used For?

There’s nothing quite like feeling the uncomfortable ooze of vaginal discharge in your clean [literally just put them on] undies. We love our bodies, and what they do is amazing,...

Drawing of stringy period blood under a magnifying glass.

What Does Stringy Period Blood Mean?

Having a period is an amazing way your body stays healthy, clears your uterus and vagina of unwanted materials, and prepares your body to get pregnant if you want to...

Close up of a woman washing her face after popping a pimple.

What To Do After Popping a Pimple

Most of us just can’t seem to help ourselves. We wake up to a shining symbol of our hormones planted directly in the middle of our foreheads, and we can’t...

Woman holding a new pad close to the camera.

Who Invented Pads?

Pads feel like a home base for most of us. They offer a level of protection you can feel and security we’ve all learned to trust. At Rael, we focus...

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