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Are menstrual pads bad for you? +

Not Rael's! Our Organic Cotton Pads are made with Certified Organic Cotton and are free of harsh chemicals that irritate your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.

How many period pads should I use a day? +

This will depend on your flow since there is no specific number for pad usage. In the case of pads, you can wear them as long as you'd like until the pad is full, signalling that it's time for a new pad. You do not risk toxic shock sydrome while using pads, so they can be used up to 6 hours or more during the day. 

Can you swim on your period with a pad?+

Since pads tend to be made of absorbent material, we do not recommend using them while you swim, as the absorbent fabric will fill with water and not effectively soak up period blood. Instead, use our 100% Cotton Tampons or our Reusable Period Cups for controlled support.

Should I wear pads for discharge? +

Absolutely! You can either wear pads or liners if you have discharge.

Can you wear a pad while playing sports? +

Yes, you can wear whatever period care is most comfortable to YOU!

Is it okay to wear a pad in the pool?+

We advise against this! Since pads are super absorbent, they will end up soaking up a bunch of water instead of your mentrual flow. Go with something like a tampon or menstrual cup instead.

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