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Cycle Sync Your Lifestyle

So what’s the purpose of understanding the different phases of your cycle? The short answer: It empowers you to practice cycle-based care, also known as cycle syncing. 

As your hormone levels fluctuate throughout the different phases of your cycle, your mood, energy, and skin change too. Educating yourself on what each phase may bring and how to deal with it allows you to give your body the self-care it needs to feel nourished and supported at each phase. 

To put it another way, syncing your cycle is all about adjusting your self-care and lifestyle habits such as skin care, exercise, and wellness routine so you work with your body’s natural rhythm rather than against it. 

The result: You’ll feel better, more confident, and in control at every stage of your cycle. Now, that’s holistic self-care.



Day 1-7


Day 7-14


Day 14-21


Day 21-28

Phase 1: Menstrual

The menstrual cycle starts on the first day of your period, which lasts three to seven days for most menstruators. During this time, estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest. And fun fact: The drop in progesterone is what causes the uterine lining to shed and bleed. Common not-so-fun symptoms during menstruation include cramping, bloating, fatigue, and mood swings. To best support your body during your bleed, having the best period products on hand to keep you covered—literally—is key, whether it’s tampons, pads, or period underwear. heating patches are also a must-have if you experience cramping.  

The change in hormone levels will also zap your energy, making this the best time to slow down, step up your self-care rituals (hello, face masks!), and get some rest. And be sure to take care of your body with gentle, low-intensity movement such as nature walks, yoga, or stretching.

Your skin will also need some love during your period. The hormonal changes can make your skin feel dry. The solution? Use skincare products with hydrating ingredients, such as the fruit-extract-packed Hydration Sheet Mask (basically a drink of water for your skin) or the Miracle Clear Barrier Cream, packed with ingredients like Succinic Acid, and Minerice Enzyme Complex for long-lasting hydration.

Phase 2: Follicular

Once your period ends, next comes the follicular phase. Estrogen levels are on the rise again. The uterine lining begins to build back up as the ovaries prepare to release an egg during ovulation. This is all great news because it also means you’ll have way more energy. Maximize the energy boost by taking your workouts up a notch with higher-intensity exercises such as cardio, spinning, running, boxing, or dancing. 

The increased energy also equals more confidence, making this the perfect phase of your cycle to be social and schedule appointments, events, or other activities that require you to show up as your best self. And if there’s a task you’ve been putting off, you’ll likely have the drive to tick it off your list during the follicular phase.

More good news: Look forward to a decrease in your skin’s sebum (aka oil) production and an increase in hyaluronic acid and collagen production, which make your skin look and feel plump and hydrated. Consider this the *glowy* skin phase of your cycle. The goal during this time is to keep your skin clear and prolong the glow by using the Collagen Sheet Mask and keeping up with your regular skincare routine

Phase 3: Ovulation

Next is the ovulation phase that starts around day 14 of your cycle. The egg is released and available for fertilization, hence why it’s considered the fertile phase. So if you’re trying to conceive, this is the time to get busy (*wink wink*). And if you’re not trying to get pregnant, avoid sex or use protection during this time. Either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to give your vulva some love with washes and wipes to ensure it’s looking, feeling, and smelling its best. 

Energy-wise, you’ll still be riding the boost from the follicular phase, thanks to increased testosterone. Take advantage of this by focusing on high-intensity workouts such as strength training and muscle-building exercises. 

Your skin, on the other hand, will need some extra TLC during ovulation. Here’s why: The hormonal changes cause the glow you had during the follicular phase to begin fading into a dull complexion. Enter skin-brightening products such as the Vitamin C Facial Sheet Mask (infused with pomegranate and citrus fruit extract to enhance radiance and even skin tone) to the rescue. 

Phase 4: Luteal

Last but not least is the luteal phase, the final phase of your cycle before it restarts. Your body is now preparing for your next period. Progesterone levels are up, and all the hormone changes can lead to PMS symptoms such as cravings, bloating, headaches, mood changes, and breast tenderness. 

In other words, you won’t feel as confident as you did throughout the previous phases, and your energy will dip. Rather than pushing through it, carve out some time to rest and reflect, if possible. Returning to gentle movements like yoga or a brisk hike can also help nourish your body during the luteal phase. 

As for your skin, the hormonal changes can weaken your skin barrier and increase sebum production, which can make your skin look greasy and lead to breakouts. To help combat the oiliness and minimize breakouts, reach for a Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask, which helps soothe sensitive skin and prevents clogged pores. And if a pimple does pop up, a Miracle Patch, which instantly flattens blemishes thanks to hydrocolloid technology, will be your BFF. 

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