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Spot Control Cover
Spot Control Cover | Before & After
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover
Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Spot Control Cover
Product image 1Spot Control Cover
Product image 2Spot Control Cover | Before & After
Product image 3Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 4Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 5Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 6Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 7Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 8Spot Control Cover
Product image 9Spot Control Cover (4575626166387)
Product image 10Spot Control Cover

Spot Control Cover
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For Acne Hot Spots 10-20 count

Regular price $21.99

Seamlessly smoothing out acne clusters across your cheeks, nose, and chin, each extra-large hydrocolloid Spot Control Cover removes pus and oil from your blemishes, protects your skin against irritants, and blocks you from picking at your pimples. Pro tip: Use as a nose strip or on mascne breakouts and enjoy the disappearing act right before your eyes. Dermatologist tested.

Best For

“Hot spots” like your chin, nose, and cheek where acne clusters break out.

What's Included

Extra-large 31mm x 46mm Hydrocolloid patches, 10-20 count
Individually wrapped for long-lasting effectiveness without drying


Flatten Acne Fast
  • Extra-large curved shape hugs contours of acne hot spots like your chin, nose, and cheeks
  • Hydrocolloid technology extracts pus, oil, and bacteria out of multiple blemishes at the same time
  • Clear, matte finish and extra thin outer edge seamlessly blend in with all skin tones for invisible coverage that smooths breakouts
Need to smooth things over with your skin?

Pick your battles, not your pimples. 

Directions: Apply spot cover to cleansed breakout area for minimum 4-8 hours or until it turns white. Peel off and embrace clarity!  

The Result:

Mascne and breakouts are a thing of the past.

A Miracle Patch for All Phases of You Because pimples don't just pop up one moment then *poof!* disappear the next, we developed the Miracle Patch collection to treat the various stages of the acne lifecycle. Whether emerging, surfaced, or flattened, isolated or clustered in hotspots, you can find a patch that's the perfect match for your skin emergency. Shop The Entire Collection
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