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Spot Cover Variety Set
Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Spot Cover Variety Set
Product image 1Spot Cover Variety Set
Product image 2Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Product image 3Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Product image 4Spot Cover Variety Set (4168466989171)
Product image 5Spot Cover Variety Set

Spot Cover Variety Set
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Pimple Fighting Patches

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Don't pop pimples, Miracle Patch them. Before zits even surface, our Microcrystal Spot Cover penetrates deep to attack impurities, the Invisible Spot Cover targets surfaced acne and whiteheads, while the Spot Control Cover flattens large acne clusters so all we see is smooth skin. This trio is also perfect for tackling mask acne aka maskne! Dermatologist tested.

        What's Included

        Invisible Spot Cover 48 Count, Microcrystal Spot Cover 9 Count, Spot Control Cover 10 Count


        Acne treatment at its best, so you can live your best
        1. Microcrystal Spot Cover deploys acne-fighting actives to minimize early stage acne below the skin's surface.
        2. Invisible Spot Cover extracts pus and oil from blemishes so you can stop popping pimples.
        3. Spot Control Cover seamlessly smoothes acne clusters and removes impurities from multiple blemishes at the same time.
        A Miracle Patch For Every Blemish Type

        Patch up your relationship with breakouts.

        Apply patches on pimples for minimum 4-8 hours or until they turn white. Peel off and embrace clarity!

        The Result:

        Crystal clear skin on the surface and deeper.

        A Miracle Patch for All Phases of You Because pimples don't just pop up one moment then *poof!* disappear the next, we developed the Miracle Patch collection to treat the various stages of the acne lifecycle. Whether emerging, surfaced, or flattened, isolated or clustered in hotspots, you can find a patch that's the perfect match for your skin emergency. Shop The Entire Collection
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