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360° Holistic Cycle Care
Complete support for all the phases of you


  • Clean Ingredients
    Clean Ingredients
    Cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals, including chlorine, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates and PEGs.
  • High-Performance
    Science-based, proven performance
    based on consumer and clinical testing.
    Designed by women for women.
  • K-Beauty Science
    K-Beauty Science
    Innovative formulas and solutions powered
    by South Korean technology and global
    product development team based in Seoul.
  • Sustainable
    Consciously developed with clean
    ingredients, earth-friendly
    alternatives and zero waste solutions.
Our 360° Approach desktop Our 360° Approach mobile
Our 360° Approach
Ever wonder why feminine care starts and ends with just the days of your
period? We did. We believe women’s care should be holistic. Not just for
one week of the month, or only one part of our body. From your face to
your vulva, we've got you covered.
Cycle Care = Self-Care
Like your pulse, temperature, breathing rate and blood pressure, periods
are one of the most important vital signs when it comes to a woman's
overall health. We're on a mission to empower women to incorporate
cycle care into their everyday self-care.
Cycle Care = Self-Care desktop Cycle Care = Self-Care mobile
Care for Womankind desktop Care for Womankind mobile
Care for Womankind
From donating menstrual hygiene kits to running collection programs
across our community, we work with partners to provide period
education, advocate for menstrual dignity, and distribute feminine
essentials to underprivileged women and girls with the goal of cultivating a world where all women can access safe period care.
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Global Accessibility
Our goal is to make better cycle care available for women everywhere.
Rael is currently available in 19 countries worldwide and growing. We're
constantly looking for new partners to spread our movement to make
periods better for women everywhere.
Global Accessibility desktop Global Accessibility mobile
Feminine Care Reinvented
Feminine Care Reinvented
"Clean feminine care accounts for over 30% of the total feminine care market in South Korea versus less than 10% in the US. We’re pushing for more education and dialogue in the US about periods and different choices women can make for their bodies and health."
Rael was founded in 2017 by three women originally from South Korea, including CEO Yanghee Paik. Upon moving to the United States, one of the biggest culture shocks was the lack of quality feminine care. Compared to the advanced technology and designs in South Korea, most of the pads and tampons in the US contained harsh chemicals that could irritate skin or were made of clean ingredients but didn’t work. Inspired to capture the comfort and performance they knew was possible, the trio created their own solution by marrying high-quality clean materials from the US and cutting-edge Korean manufacturing technology to provide clean and incredibly effective self-care alternatives to support women throughout their cycle and life.
Feminine Care Reinvented
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