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Soothing Feminine Mist
Soothing Feminine Mist
Soothing Feminine Mist
Soothing Feminine Mist
Product image 1Soothing Feminine Mist
Product image 2Soothing Feminine Mist
Product image 3Soothing Feminine Mist
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Soothing Feminine Mist
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Deodorize + Refresh On-The-Go 1.7 fl.oz

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Fact: Vaginal dryness is a common indicator of low estrogen. Regardless of hormone levels, our Soothing Feminine Mist instantly hydrates as the unique serum absorbs into skin quickly without lingering stickiness so your privates feel refreshed. Formulated with natural botanical ingredients that gently relieve vulvar irritation & odor while keeping your pH levels balanced, safe for all skin types. Conveniently travel-sized to fit in your purse for on-the-go use.

Made With

Calming Hibiscus Extract, refreshing Eucalyptus Extract, pH balancing Lactobacillus Ferment, and deeply hydrating H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex.

Made Without

Harsh chemicals and fragrance that can irritate & inflame your intimate areas.


Instant Gratification for Intimate Area Irritation Made with K-beauty technology, our mist is a liquid serum that absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue.
Mist Is Bliss

Spray Your Discomfort Away

Directions: Hold bottle at least 8 inches away and spray external vulva area. Use daily or as often as desired.

Feel immediate comfort as the deeply hydrating H3O Hyaluronic Acid Complex moisturizes, Hibiscus Extract calms irritation & improves skin texture, Eucalyptus Extract soothes redness & refreshes, and Lactobacillus Aloe Complex balances pH levels to strengthen your skin's natural defenses.

The result:

That fresh morning dew on spring blossoms feeling—for your vulva.

Give your vulva the spa treatment Deodorize and refresh your privates even in public bathrooms with our easily portable feminine mist that absorbs quickly so you don't feel sticky. Free of fragrance and harsh chemicals, the mist is safe for the most sensitive skin types. Learn More About Vulva Care
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