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Keeping It Clean Down Under

It’s time we talk about douches. No, we’re not referring to those guys from the bar last night. We’re talking about the device that jets water to clean the inside of your body, and mainly vaginas. As scary as it sounds, oh, it gets worse. Douches have been around for ages, and until recently, the most popular US brand was Lysol, which advertised their products as multipurpose--use it disinfect your toilet bowl *and* your vaginal area. Traditional douches contained toxic chemicals that resulted in numerous cases of poisoning, but it was still aggressively marketed as safe--as a female necessity. Now that is terrifying.

Thankfully, these cleaning devices have come a long way since the mid-1900s and women still douche today (1 in 5 women, in fact). But here’s the honest truth: Douching does more harm than good.

Did you know that the vagina cleans itself? 💖
When you use a douche to flush away the (natural) odors and (good) bacteria, you’re also disrupting your body’s natural pH balance. This causes adverse effects, like an overgrowth of bad bacteria that can lead to vaginal infections, irritation and unnatural odors. If you’re concerned about vaginal health, visit your primary doctor and OB/GYN.
“So how should I clean my vaginal area?” 🤔
Because the vagina cleans itself, you don’t have to worry about flushing the inside with a tool like a douche. Instead, doctors recommend using just water and mild, non-irritating soap, like our Feminine Wash, to gently cleanse the outside area--the vulva. This avoids disrupting your body’s natural pH balance, but it also keeps your “lady parts” feeling so fresh and so clean.
Like a shield for your vagina 🛡
We created our Feminine Wash specifically to help balance pH levels and keep odors and bacteria far, far away. Think of it like a shield, protecting you from unnatural odors and bad bacteria that can otherwise come in contact with your vagina. Our Wash contains natural ingredients like lavender, citrus lemon and eucalyptus leaf that don’t upset your vagina, so it’s great for daily cleansing. And rest assured, the formula has zero parabens, zero phenoxyethanol and zero artificial fragrance.
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