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Benefits of Using Reusable Cotton Pads for Your Period

Benefits of Using Reusable Cotton Pads for Your Period

Increasing sustainability and decreasing our carbon footprints are two actions most would agree are good ideas. None of us set out to be intentionally wasteful or harmful to the environment (or our bodies) but there’s always an opportunity to do better. 

For women, switching to reusable cotton pads can increase your personal product sustainability and dramatically decrease your carbon footprint. 

Change is never easy, and the decision to jump ship on disposable pads can seem a little daunting. 

What if reusable pads irritate me? What if I don’t like them? Do they even work? 

At Rael, we hear these questions often. We’re not only committed to making products that help you have a better period -- we’re on a mission to change the way women use feminine care products and help them live synergistically with the environment. 

We’ve got all the information you need about reusable cotton pads so you can decide if they’re the right choice for your period. 

What is a Reusable Cotton Pad?

Reusable cotton pads are simply pads that you use during your period and don’t throw away. These pads are designed similarly to disposable pads, and are worn the same way. When you are finished using a reusable cotton pad, it is then cleaned and ready to be worn again. 

Reusable cotton pads are available in differing shapes and absorbencies just like disposable pads, however reusable cotton pads tend to be more absorbent than their disposable counterparts. 

The reusable cotton pads we offer at Rael are:

  • Made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Moisture wicking. Five moisture-wicking layers of fabric.
  • Leakproof. Leak Locker Technology to make them extremely absorbent.
  • Crafted for protection. Wings that wrap around underwear and fasten with a snap, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected against leaks. 

If you’re wondering if it’s good to use a cloth as your menstrual pad during your period, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Most commercially produced disposable pads contain chemicals like: 

  • Styrene
  • Chloromethane
  • Chloroform
  • Acetone
  • Toluene

At the very least, these chemicals can irritate the delicate skin down there, but many of these have been linked to serious health concerns. 

Benefits of Using Reusable Cotton Pads for your Period

If the chemicals in most commercially produced pads have you thinking that 100% organic cotton sounds like a great idea, we couldn’t agree more. Periods are natural, and your protection products should be too! 

Using reusable cotton pads for your period is a natural way to have a better period. Here’s why:

Reusable cotton pads are environmentally friendly. 

In your lifetime, it is estimated you’ll use between 12,000 and 15,000 pads and/or tampons. Most of those will end up in a landfill, where they can take between 500-800 years to biodegrade. 

That’s a significant amount of waste that can be easily reduced by simply using reusable pads instead of disposable. 

Those chemicals in pads? Those are steadily leaching into the earth while they sit in landfills, creating the potential for water and soil pollution. 

It’s estimated that you can save up to 300 pounds of waste in your lifetime by using reusable pads, which can reduce your own carbon footprint and help you live more harmoniously with Mother Earth. 

Reusable cotton pads are safer than disposable pads. 

The chemicals in commercially produced disposable pads aren’t just bad for the environment, they're harmful to your body. 

If you’ve ever experienced itching, burning, or other irritation after using a disposable pad, it could be because of a reaction from the harsh chemicals they contain. 

Additionally, many of these chemicals are known carcinogens. There are even multiple studies that have linked some of the chemicals found in disposable pads to hormone and endocrine disruption. 

Bottom line: the ingredients in your disposable pads are capable of entering your body via skin contact. 

We’ll pass on harsh ingredients and stick to our organic cotton, thank you very much. 

Reusable pads save you money. 

You’ll have between 450-470 periods over the course of your lifetime. That’s a lot of money to spend on feminine care products. In fact, it really adds up when you consider the cost of a box of disposable pads is approximately $6-$8. Switching to reusable pads can save you up to $3,760 in your lifetime, and that’s if you only used one box of 20 pads per period. 

A package of reusable pads is an up front investment of about $34.00 which will last for up to 120 uses. That’s a significant savings over the course of your menstruating life. We suggest starting a vacation fund with all the leftover money you’ll have -- you deserve it. 

Reusable pads are discreet. 

There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a noisy pad in a quiet bathroom. If you’d rather not announce your period to the rest of the world, consider a reusable pad. No plastic wrapper, no noisy and/or visible trash. Just quiet, comfortable cotton. 

Reusable pads are comfortable. 

Let’s be honest, some disposable pads aren’t the most comfortable feminine products we’ve ever used. In order to be absorbent, they’re usually very thick and sometimes wider than the middle section of your underwear. It’s also very unpleasant when the sticky pad adhesive attaches in places other than your undies. 

Organic cotton reusable pads are not only comfortable and sticky adhesive free, they’re great for women with sensitive skin who find disposable pads chafing and irritating. 

Reusable pads are always on hand. 

When you switch to reusable cotton pads for your period, you’ve always got supplies on hand. Even if you’re extremely regular it’s incredibly common to forget to buy supplies in advance. 

Reusable pads mean no more late night trips to the store or rummaging through your handbag or medicine cabinet hoping to find a single pad to get you through until you can purchase more. 

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

Reusable pads sound like a great option, and it’s understandable you’ve got questions about the “how-to’s.” We can help. 

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions we receive about reusable pads:

How frequently do I need to change a reusable pad? This is completely at your discretion and determined by your flow. Because Rael’s organic cotton reusable pads don’t contain any harsh chemicals, it’s safe to wear them for long periods of time, however you should change your pad at least once per day, or when they begin to feel full or damp. 

Are reusable menstrual pads sanitary? Absolutely. Once you’ve finished with your pad, you simply launder it. Reusable pads that are properly cared for are completely sanitary and safe for use. 

How many times can I use a reusable cotton pad? Each manufacturer will have different use specifications for their products, and mileage will vary per person. The organic cotton reusable pads we offer at Rael are designed to last for up to 120 uses with proper care. 

How do you clean reusable pads? It’s really simple. Once you’ve used a pad, you can choose to launder it immediately, or place it in a laundry bag to launder later. We recommend soaking and pre-rinsing your used pad in cold water first, and then machine washing it in cold water to fully clean your pad. You should machine wash your reusable pads within a few days of using them to ensure they remain in great condition. And no, it won’t hurt your washing machine, or contaminate other laundry you wash. Your washing machine washes, rinses, spins, and drains out the soiled water, leaving the drum of the washing machine clean and ready for the next load. 

Do they absorb odor? Yes! In fact we think you’ll notice that organic cotton reusable pads absorb more odor than a standard, heavily scented disposable pad. Organic cotton is excellent at wicking away moisture and trapping it deep into the layers of the pad so that both odors and leaks are virtually non-existent. 

Final Thoughts

Both your body and the environment can benefit from making the switch to reusable cotton pads. They’re safer, convenient, money-saving, and comfortable, all while saving the earth from massive amounts of feminine product waste. 

If you’re still a little uncertain about them, consider using reusable pads part-time. Even using them on occasion can help the environment, your body, and of course, your wallet. You can use them along with Rael’s line of organic cotton disposable pads until you're comfortable using them full time during your period. Our disposable pads are free from harsh chemicals, so you can wear them with complete peace of mind. 

Reusable cotton pads are good for your body and good for the environment, and Rael believes you both deserve the very best. 


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