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Real PMS Tips from Rael Women

Adweek recently published an article on the past and future of female-targeted products. Not only are consumers becoming increasingly conscious of what the buy and use on a daily basis, they (us included) want to connect with brands on a personal level.

“A woman’s perspective is hard to miss. […] Brands like LOLA and Thinx have disrupted the space, but recent addition Rael is worth noting for their 360-degree approach, from tackling the taboo—“Our world was peopled by periods”—to beyond-functional products like facemasks for menstruation-induced acne. It might sound superficial, but this holistic approach goes beyond pitching a product. It empathizes with the user’s emotional and social reality.”

We’re excited to have been included in Adweek’s study, because supporting and empowering womankind is in our DNA. And just like we support you, we love hearing from other strong female role models who walk all paths of life.

We kicked off 2019 by featuring “Rael Women” on our Instagram (@get_rael) who weren’t afraid to share some tips and tricks to embracing menstruation. Here’s what they had to say about their best period remedies!

Kee Eun Lee (@mylittleblackbeast): “Even though I feel like a dead animal, I try to work out. It really helps me because I always feel a lot better after. People usually say that you should do low-intensity workout during your period but I still like to do HIIT or cycling classes. I just adjust my work intensity to how my body feels that day but I think the harder you work out, you forget about other things and feel refreshed!” 🚴‍♀️💪

Kelsie McNair (@kelsie.mcnair) “Water! A lot of sleep and fresh fruit to curb sugar cravings.” 💧🍓

Sara Rose Donahue (@sararosie): “A session in an infrared sauna does wonders for bloating and skin clearing! You also can't beat a self-care night with a face mask and extra sleep.” 🧖🏽‍♀️😴

Moun D'Simone (@moundsimone): “I rest on Day One as much as I can. I eat dark chocolate. I allow myself to feel all the emotions. I have a bath as often as possible. And I gentle Yoga throughout!” 🍫🤸‍♀️

Kiran Gandhi (@madamegandhi): “Eating raw leafy greens, limiting caffeine intake to only one espresso a day max, sleeping 8 hours each day, drinking lots of water, light exercise and surrounding myself with positive people so that I can stay out of my head!” 🌿👭

What are your favorite period remedies? Tell us in the comments below.

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