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How our pads are made

We think you deserve to know what goes in and on your body! We know it’s a two conversation, the more transparent we are to you, the better you’ll be to us which is why we want you to know exactly how Rael pads are created.

Rael pads are made with women in mind which is why we only produce in small batches.  This allows us to listen to feedback and make changes as needed, and it ensures the integrity of our line by keeping all products up-to-date so that nothing is sitting in warehouses for extended periods of time.

Comfort and performance are the two things we care about most.  It’s the two things we’re best at!

All our pads are made with 100% organic cotton produced in Texas, United States. It is free from GMO seeds, insecticide, and fungicides because we use natural farming methods. Rael is designed to protect you from moisture, leakage, stains, and odor leaving you fresh as a button to maximize vaginal airflow. We make sure every component is nontoxic, and hypoallergenic.

Harvested organic cotton ships to kpop South Korea to be transformed and packaged, then back to sunny California, USA to be shipped out to you.

So what’s the big difference between conventional and Rael pads?



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