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Season of Self-Care: 7 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

Season of Self-Care: 7 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

Season of Self-Care: 7 Ways to Give Back to Yourself 

While the holiday season can be a joy-filled time of year (food! family! presents!), it also brings with it other factors that are less than joyful such as cold season and dry skin season. Not to mention that life seems to get really busy during this time, making it that much harder to prioritize our self-care. 

With that in mind, we’re rebranding this hectic giving season as the “Season of Self-Care” and setting the intention to prioritize giving to ourselves—mind, body, soul, and skin—in between all the holiday festivities. 

Into it? We invite you to join us with these seven ways you can give back to yourself this season and beyond. 

Take a mental health day

    The holiday season is one of—if not the—busiest times of the year. You likely have a long list of things to do, gifts to buy, and family gatherings to attend in addition to your regular day-to-day work and life responsibilities. All of that can be a lot to manage. 
    For that reason, we can’t emphasize the importance of prioritizing your mental health enough. Make it a point to check in with yourself daily to see how you’re doing and give yourself whatever you need. If possible, take a mental health day or two to rest and recharge between the holidays. And if you need additional support, seek the help of a professional who can help you better manage stress and anxiety during this time. 

    Nourish your skin

      As the weather gets chiller (and, depending on where you live, freezing) during wintertime, your skin inevitably gets drier, which can make your complexion appear dull and flaky. The solution? Add more dry-skin-fighting ingredients into your winter skincare routine. Case in point: Rael’s Moisture Melt Snowball. The 100% hyaluronic acid concentrate, which is fittingly shaped like a mini snowball, instantly moisturizes your skin and is clinically proven to keep it moisturized for 100 hours (yes, really!). Cold weather has nothing on you. 

      Treat post-holiday breakouts

        Stress and the food we eat affects our skin. So, it comes as no surprise that after all the holiday stress and revelry and indulging in delicious food, you may have some unwanted breakouts. Thankfully, there are things you can do to treat those post-holiday breakouts so you can step into 2022 looking and feeling your best. 
        For starters, acne-fighting patches are there to the rescue. Stick one over your blemish, and it’ll remove the pus and flatten the pimple in just a few hours. For ongoing breakout prevention post-holidays and beyond, we point you to Rael’s *new* Miracle Clear Collection, a 3-step acne-fighting system that gently cleanses, tones, and strengthens the skin barrier.  

        Take it easy during your ovulation phase

          Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Your menstrual cycle affects your immune system. Research shows that menstruators are more susceptible to getting sick during ovulation, more so than during other phases of their cycle. This is due to a drop in estrogen levels. The takeaway: When you’re ovulating, consider it a reminder to slow down, get good sleep, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and give yourself the TLC your body needs to keep your immune system firing and avoid getting sick. 

          Do things to ease bloating

            Between getting your period and enjoying all the holiday feasts your taste buds can handle, bloating is a wintertime symptom that may be making you feel puffy and uncomfortable. This is why it’s important to be proactive and do things that will help battle said bloating. 
            First off, drink all the water—super simple but effective. Taking probiotics is also great for overall gut health. Also, consider incorporating some cooked leafy greens such as kale into your rotation, which are known for helping combat bloat. And lastly, eat slowly. The pumpkin pie isn’t going anywhere. Taking your time while you enjoy each meal means each bite will be well chewed, making it easier for your stomach to digest. 

            Treat yourself to a gift

              This being the season of giving, it only makes sense that you gift a little something to yourself too. Regardless of whether you ticked off your big goals or not this year, you got through yet another year of living through a global pandemic, and that alone is reason to celebrate. Be it a material item (like a cozy coat or a new handbag) or an experience you’ve been desiring (think solo trip or luxe spa day)—pick one thing off your wish list and treat yourself. 

              Reflect on the year and set goals for 2022

                Another way you can pour into yourself this season is by creating time and space to reflect on 2021. Get your journal out and ask yourself a few questions: What were the highlights of the year? What challenges did you overcome? What worked and what didn’t? And, what lessons are you taking with you into the next year? From there, you can clear the slate and set new goals and intentions for 2022. Doing so will help you kick off the new year on a positive note. 

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