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Tender boobs! Why do we get them?

Itchy boobs? We’ve certainly had moments when we’ve secretly tried to itch our breasts in passing.  We’ve also had moments when breasts become so sensitive and sore it’s hard to lie down on our stomachs at night time.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. Here’s why your boobs itch before and during your period.

For some women, sore, sometimes painful breasts are a good tip-off that their period is about to come. While the heads-up is nice, sore breasts can be uncomfortable as hell.

Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone before their period. And if you fall into the sore-boob camp, you’ve probably dealt with it for your entire period-having life and never given it much thought. But there's a very real reason why sore breasts around your period are a thing, and even better, there are ways to find relief.

Increasing levels of estrogen in the first two weeks of your cycle can cause your breasts to get bigger, while increasing amounts of progesterone during the second half may make your milk ducts puff up. Together this results in swelling and breast tenderness. Hormonal fluctuations can also lead to fibrocystic breast changes.

You can and should still bring it up with your doctor if it's bothering you. Together, you can figure out the best way for you—and your breasts—to find some relief.

How to prevent sore/itchy boobs:

  • Exercising the week before your period actually seems to help.
  • Avoiding caffeine, as it tends to aggravate the symptoms.
  • If there's too much salt in your diet, this can lead to fluid retention which only makes the congestion feel worse
  • Vitamins B1 and B6 (50 - 100 mg per day)  
  • Evening primrose oil works best if you take it continuously (recommended dosage: 1000 - 2000 mg per day) which might seem like a bother, but some people who get real problems might be motivated to do that.
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