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The Benefits of Using Feminine Wipes

The Benefits of Using Feminine Wipes

Let’s face it; parts of our periods are seriously messy. So messy that it can sometimes feel like repeatedly cleaning up a crime scene each time you go to the restroom. 

The massive amounts of toilet paper you need just to successfully change your pad or tampon is more than just annoying; it’s downright painful on your most sensitive area. By the second or third day of your period, you’re feeling chaffed, irritated, and a little upset. 

There’s a better way, and it’s going to change the way you period. Using feminine wipes can make easy work of messy situations and can keep you feeling comfortable the rest of your day. 

Learn how to take better care of your feminine health, starting with a few cleansing wipes!

What Are Feminine Wipes?

Toilet paper is essential, but when it comes to getting you as clean as possible during your period, it’s definitely not the best choice. It’s dry, irritating, and it sticks. Feminine wipes are like little on-the-go washcloths. They’re ultra-thin, portable, discreet, and gentle.

Feminine wipes provide moisture to help wipe away messy situations without stripping your most sensitive area of moisture or leaving it feeling irritated and uncomfortable. Some feminine wipes even contain natural soothing ingredients, like aloe.

Before we talk about the benefits of using feminine wipes, we need to talk about what’s really going on down there that’s causing so much irritation. 

Why Am I So Uncomfortable?

You’ve probably heard that you don’t need any specialized products to clean your vagina, and that’s true. Your vagina is self-cleaning; it takes care of itself by means of a microbiome of healthy bacteria that keeps it functioning properly. However, your vulva is a different story.

What is the Vulva?

Your vulva is the area outside of your vagina that includes your labia, your clitoris, and the urethra. The skin of the vulva is delicate, and prone to irritation even when you aren’t on your period. 

With age, the skin of the vulva becomes thinner and drier. You can even develop common skin problems like eczema and psoriasis on the vulva, so making sure you’re taking care of it is especially important. 

Cleaning the Vulva

It’s easy to “overclean” this area, especially during your period. No one likes to feel messy and your period can definitely create a mess. Wiping, scrubbing, and using harsh, chemical-laden cleansers can make the skin of the vulva overly sensitized, irritated, and inflamed. 

Keep in mind that neither your period nor your vulva are “dirty.” Your period is a healthy and normal part of keeping your body functioning properly. You don’t have to scrub your vulva with single-ply toilet paper during a tampon change. Using a feminine wipe to gently cleanse the area will do the trick without leaving you feeling raw.

Benefits of Using Feminine Wipes

Think of vulval skin care like you think about facial skin care; you wouldn’t scrub the sensitive skin of your face with an abrasive cloth, and you shouldn’t do it to your vulva. Feminine wipes are the solution for helping you keep clean, feel fresh, and eliminating vulva irritation. 

Here are five reasons you should be using feminine wipes.

1. They’re Better for Your Vulva

We’ve already discussed that the skin of the vulva is extremely sensitive and prone to becoming dry and irritated. Feminine wipes, like the ones available from Rael, are gentle on vulval skin and contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera extract and nourishing Camellia sinensis leaf extract.  

2. They’re Not Just for Your Period

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you needed to hit the refresh button on your privates during your day. Whether you stepped outside the office to grab a coffee or make lunchtime your gym time, feminine wipes are the perfect, portable solution for keeping fresh on the go. 

Feminine wipes are the easy, safe, and convenient way to freshen up and feel better no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Think of it like touching up your lipstick after lunch. 

3. They Clean Away Germs

Wearing a pad during your period can bring unwanted bacteria to your vulva and even transfer it to your vagina. Feminine wipes can clean away bad bacteria and support healthy bacteria levels without irritating sensitive skin. 

Even if you’re using tampons, you can risk transferring bacteria to your vagina and vulva. It’s important to make sure your hands are always clean when changing your pads and tampons. 

The feminine wipes available from Rael contain all-natural grapefruit extract. Grapefruit extract can help support healthy levels of bacteria on and around your vulva. 

4. They Support Your Natural pH Balance

With all things vagina-related, what causes us the most discomfort is a disruption of pH balance. pH balance is the measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. Your vagina and vulva are naturally pretty acidic, having a pH balance of anywhere between 3.8 and 4.5 on the pH balance scale. 

Your period, changes in hormone levels, different stages of life, and bacteria can all change or alter your pH balance. When this happens, you are vulnerable to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other unpleasant vaginal conditions. 

Feminine wipes can help support your natural pH balance, but only if they don’t contain harsh chemicals that strip away the good, healthy bacteria of your vagina and vulva. It’s also important your wipes don’t contain ingredients that could further irritate your skin, which is why choosing an all-natural wipe is the safest and most sensible option. 

5. They’re Great ICE

In Case of Emergency. 

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck at work (or gym, or the store, etc.) and you feel yourself bleeding through your tampon or pad. It happens. Breathe deep and don’t panic. If you’ve got a handy little package of feminine wipes, you can do some quick clean-up without the use of public restroom paper towels. 

The ingredients in feminine wipes are gentle enough to wipe away a little accident from your undies and keep you clean until you can make it home to change. 

What To Look for in Feminine Wipes

Gentle, effective ingredients are all that’s needed in a great feminine wipe. Rael offers two different varieties based on your level of sensitivity and personal needs.

1. Rael Gentle Feminine Wipes. These wipes are convenient, flushable, and ultra-soothing. Made with soothing aloe vera extract, hydrating Camellia Sinensis leaf extract, and antimicrobial grapefruit extract, these wipes are your new best friend. 

Perfect for your purse, gym bag, bathroom, or desk drawer, these wipes come in a small, discreet package but are big enough to handle any sized hygiene issue. All-natural ingredients mean zero harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas.

Our wipes are made from environmentally friendly pulp and help you reduce the amount of toilet tissue you use. A clean conscience and clean privates: total win/win.

2. Rael Organic Cotton Wipes. Got particularly sensitive vulva skin? We hear you. Whether you’re always battling sensitivity or not, the purest cleaning wipes available are our organic cotton wipes. 

Made from the softest organic cotton and soaked with purified water, these wipes leave zero room for irritation. Our sterilized cotton wipes are made with no harsh chemicals or other ingredients. Kind of like giving your intimate areas their own personal little shower. 

Helpful Tips

Feminine wipes can be a seriously powerful tool in your personal care arsenal, but just make sure you’re using them correctly. 

  • Always use feminine wipes front to back. Wiping from back to front can transfer bacteria from your anus to your vagina and cause infection. 
  • Always use a clean wipe. Single-use wipes are good for one swipe; if you attempt to reuse them, you could potentially expose your vulva and vagina to unwanted bacteria. 
  • Reseal the package. Your wipes are moisturized with purified water and other hydrating ingredients that can dry out if the package is left open. To make sure you always have the effectiveness you need, reseal the package after every use. 
  • Go easy. You don’t need to scrub. Be gentle on your vulva, even when using feminine wipes. Your skin is delicate and sensitive. 

Feminine wipes are a great option for everyone who could use a little refresh during their day. They’re effective, sanitary, and non-irritating. Rael offers the very best in all-natural feminine wipes to keep you comfortable all month long. 


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