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The Rael difference between our period panties and others

The Rael difference between our period panties and others

We’ve all been there: Just when you think your cycle is coming to an end and switch to a panty liner, your period makes a comeback with one last surprise: A leak. Again.

It’s moments like these that got us thinking about ways we can provide women with even more period protection and, well, peace of mind. For the past six months, our team has been testing all the different period panties out there (and believe us, there are a lot!), but we couldn’t find a single style that offered protection in addition to pads and tampons. So, we created one.

Today, we’re excited to announce our own version of Period Panties—underwear that doesn’t replace your pads or tampons but, rather, enhances your routine with more protection and security. Since Day One, our goal has been to create safe and healthy feminine care alternatives that actually work, and our Period Panties are no different. We’ve got your back, literally.

Period Panties

Rael Period Panties

Most period panties are pad replacements which can lead to sticky situations



Rael Period Panties are just like your normal underwear with an added layer of film for extra leakage protection. Experience extra security against leaks with Rael Period Panties. 



Made out of lace and synthetic materials which may not be totally breathable for your most sensitive areas!

Rael period panties are made out of 100% organic cotton. They are so soft and breathable, we won’t be surprised if you end up changing all your panties to these.



Feels thick and rough; a definite period panty feeling.

Feels soft, silky and smooth; you won’t even think they’re made for your period!



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Some FAQ’s about our Period Panties:

When is the best time to use Rael panties?
When you’re on your period, you can wear our Period Panties as an extra layer of protection to guard any leaks and menstrual mishaps. Use our Period Panties before, during and after your period when your flow tends to be unpredictable.

How do you use Rael panties?
An essential for your intimates collection, our Period Panty offers extra support for optimal comfort, breathability and protection. Made with 100% certified organic cotton, the Panty MUST BE WORN WITH A PAD OR TAMPON and is designed with a layer of film to protect your clothes and sheets from unfortunate leaks throughout the day or night.

How to care for them:
Like any other period panty! Wash them with all your other panties.

Real review of our period panties:

"I was skeptical to try these, but I'm so glad I did. They have been a lifesaver for me. I have super heavy periods (for the first 3 days especially) and often bleed thru, especially at night. I just tried them and can't believe how good they work! Absolutely no bleed thru, at work or at night! (I wore my normal "heavy duty " pad.) The material is super soft and comfortable, feels like regular underwear. And the protective barrier isn't noisy or crinkly at all. My boyfriend didn't even notice (And believe me he would have said something!) The fit is perfect too. My only complaint would be that the barrier doesn't go all the to the waistband in front (cause I sometimes have bleed thru in front). But all in all, if you have heavy periods and experience bleed through, these are great!"

- Ericha H.

"As far as leak protection, I have been wearing them without any other protection. On light/medium days this works just fine. On heavy days, have some other sort of protection or have a butt ton of these undies on hand. These work so well and I'm so happy with them. I almost get excited when I have my period because I know I have these now and no longer have to fear/dread ruining clothes, sheets, etc. I did say almost right? Planning to get a variety and try all of the other types and styles out there but if these are the only period panties you ever buy, you won't be disappointed.

Important note, don't wait to wash and don't wear for too long. Now I'm sure everyone knows the importance of regularly changing your underwear but with these it is even more important and if you don't wash pretty quickly, much like cloth diapers, they will develop a smell. Not an "OMG gross change your underwear" smell but a pungent, chemically smell. Hope this helps!"

- M. Hinman 

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