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Thou shalt abide by the underwear rules

Thou shalt abide by the underwear rules

  Written By: Naume Guveya

G-strings, C-strings, French cuts, classic panties, bikini panties, boy shorts…you guessed it, these are all different types of underwear. The list goes on and every woman has their own personal taste. This is great because we are all unique, however, regardless of the underwear type you fancy, there are a few rules to live by.

Too tight is too bad

It is easy to wear small, tight underwear because no one will notice and it is your little secret. People may not know, but by putting on tight underwear, you are doing yourself a disservice. For starters, the skin around your vaginal area is sensitive and tight underwear can cause friction which can lead to painful ingrown hairs. Wearing tight underwear for too long can also hamper blood circulation in your vaginal area and this can cause irritation and inflammation. And then it gets worse. Tight underwear allows for the build-up of heat and moisture which happens to be the perfect setting for bacteria to thrive and develop yeast and urinary tract infections.

Non-breathable is a no-no

Lace, lycra, polyester, and nylon panties look gorgeous but they are synthetic fabric. Unless you are going to take them off quickly, panties made of synthetic fabrics are bad for your nether regions because they are non-breathable and non-absorbent. These two characteristics make synthetic fabric panties an excellent breeding ground for bacteria just like tight underwear. The bacteria can result in vaginal irritation and a whole host of yeast and bacterial infections. It is a great idea to invest in some breathable underwear that is made of organic cotton like these Rael panties.

Keep it dry all the time

Yeast infection is a big issue among women because 75% of women will suffer from at least one bout of the infection in their lifetime. Worse still, vaginal yeast infections are one of the leading causes of abnormal vaginal discharge. Wetness promotes the multiplication of yeast and bacteria and so you can reduce the likelihood of getting a yeast infection by keeping your underwear dry at all times. Staying dry includes changing out of your swimsuit straight after swimming and getting out of sweaty underwear after working out.

Watch out for the good ol’ thong

If you love your thongs (e.g. your G-strings and C-strings) then you are probably thinking that there is nothing wrong with them. The panties in the thong family help with those dreaded panty lines and they are sensual, but if you are going to wear them, you need to be aware of the potential health hazards they pose. Thongs have a tendency to slide around your butt and this can easily transfer E. coli bacteria to your vagina straight from your anus. The bacteria can develop or worsen urinary tract infection (UTI), yeast infection, and vaginal irritation. The next time you choose your thongs go for the ones that fit well and are made of breathable fabrics, or better yet, try out some breathable, seamless panties if your main concern is panty lines.

About Naume Guveya

A proud Zimbabwean, Naume Guveya, currently lives in Harare. An accountant by profession and a writer by passion, she is a health, wellness, and personal development fanatic who wants to make a difference in the world one good deed at a time. Naume loves good food, great music, and amazing books. You can follow her stories on her blog.

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