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How Menstrual Underwear Can Help Absorb Your Flow

How Menstrual Underwear Can Help Absorb Your Flow

We all want to be more environmentally friendly, but it’s easy to forget about the environmental impact we have day to day when we’re busy with living life. 

Earth Day is a great day to take a breath and check in with our lifestyle and see if there are any ways we can do a little better than we’ve been doing. Small changes are the way to make major environmental impacts, like substituting reusable products for disposable ones. 

One of the biggest ways we can help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is by switching to more reusable and sustainable products. If you have a period, the amount of disposable care items you use each month is substantial

Unless you’re using safe, chemical-free, biodegradable disposables (like the ones offered by Rael), you could be contributing to landfill waste that doesn’t break down safely or quickly. 

Reusable period care can seem new and bold. We’re here to help walk you through it. One of the easiest ways to start is by using menstrual underwear. Never heard of them? You’re in the right place. 

We’ve got the tea on everything menstrual undies, how they can help absorb your flow, and how they can give you the power to make a real and powerful positive impact on the environment. 

Menstrual Underwear: What Are They?

We know what you’re thinking: it sounds a little different. You spend every day of your period trying to make sure you don’t get your menstrual flow in your underwear, but these underwear are actually designed to hold it. 

It seems like the opposite of what you’re used to, but once you try them, there’s seriously no going back. Menstrual underwear is a natural and holistic way of caring for your period and your body while prioritizing your comfort and the environment. Here’s how.

How Do They Work?

Menstrual undies are like your regular, everyday intimates but with superpowers. They’re made from super absorbent material that hugs your body and is intended to absorb your flow. Most menstrual underwear is capable of holding the same amount of flow as three regular tampons. 

The secret is in the multi-layer design. Four layers of absorbent technology help keep your flow trapped deep inside the underwear while you stay dry and confident. This is exactly how it works:

  • Inner layer. This layer is smooth, breathable, and soft. It’s the layer that touches your skin and is designed to wick moisture below the surface and stay dry, keeping you comfortable.
  • Absorbent cotton layer. Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials on the planet. Beneath the inner layer, absorbent cotton wicks away moisture, trapping it away from your skin and holding it securely in place. 
  • Moisture and odor lock layer. The deepest absorbent layer traps your flow, blocks out odor, and protects against leaks.
  • Outer layer. The outer layers of menstrual underwear is smooth, seamless, and feel just like your everyday underwear. This layer has a waterproof property to help prevent any moisture from escaping and to ensure it stays completely dry while you’re wearing your underwear. 

You might think that all these layers would create bulk, but the secret to their absorbency isn’t in their thickness but in their absorbent qualities. You’ll never experience heaviness or bulkiness while you wear menstrual underwear. 

How do Period Underwear Feel?

Fair question. No one wants to think about wearing damp underwear all day, and you definitely don’t want to feel like you’re wearing an adult diaper. Thankfully, menstrual underwear doesn’t feel bulky or diaper-like. 

Rael’s Reusable Period Underwear, for instance, is built to look, feel, and act just like a high-quality pair of barely-there, seamless panties. They’re ultra-thin, made from a cool and comfortable 95% pure cotton and poly blend, and have the perfect amount of stretch. 

Our menstrual underwear fit true to size, and hug your curves just like your favorite jeans. You’ll never have to worry about them bunching, catching on your favorite silky dresses, or digging into your sides and pinching your skin. 

The bottom line, you’ll feel completely comfortable and confident when you wear menstrual underwear. In fact, you’ll probably end up wearing them all month, not just during your period!

When Do You Wear Menstrual Underwear?

Great question. Because menstrual underwear is designed to hold roughly as much flow as three tampons, your own cycle will determine when it is best to wear them. Here are some of our favorite period underwear hacks. 

Before Your Period

We all know the days leading up to your period can be filled with unexpected drops of discharge. If you aren’t wearing a pantyliner, you’re going to be pretty uncomfortable until you can change your underwear. 

A better solution is to wear menstrual underwear on the days just before your period. When you experience discharge, you don’t have to worry. Your period underwear keeps you dry, protected and focused on your life, not your period. 

Regular Flow Days

Your flow can change day to day, and most of us know some days are heavier than others. On regular days, menstrual underwear may be all you need for period protection. Imagine not having to pack your bag with pads, tampons, and liners. You’ve got all the protection you need in your panties. 

Heavy Flow Days

Heavy days can be a headache. It seems like you can’t stop running to the restroom to change your pad or tampon, and inevitably, there’s usually a leak issue. 

Menstrual underwear can take away the worry for potential leaks and stains and can help you get more mileage out of your other period care items. Wearing period panties on your heavy flow days is like adding another layer of protection. 

If your tampon doesn’t last as long as you think it will, no worries, you’re totally safe until you can make it to the restroom. If you simply need to catch up on a few emails before you take a break, don’t worry. 

Your menstrual underwear can help make sure you’re able to live life at your own pace, even on the heaviest flow days. 


Whether you wear them alone or with other period care items, menstrual underwear can help you sleep better and keep your pajamas and linens safe from accidental leaks. You get more sleep and wake up happier. And who doesn’t want to be just a little happier during their period?

Use and Care

Menstrual underwear sounds great and is definitely environmentally friendly, but we’d be surprised if you didn’t have questions (like how you take care of them). Don’t worry, we’d never leave you in the dark. Here are real answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

How Do I Change Them?

You just finished a workout and you need to change into a new pair of menstrual panties. What does that look like in real life? It’s easy. Take off your old pair and put on a new pair. Place your used pair in the waterproof pouch that is included with every pair of Rael reusable period panties. 

Your used panties will be safe, odor-free, and protected until you get home.

How Do I Wash Them?

If you care for your menstrual underwear properly, they’ll last for what feels like forever. Caring for them is super easy. Pre-rinse each pair after use, then machine wash them with cold water. Lay each pair flat to dry or hang them up. Once they’re dry, they’re ready to be used again. 

Make sure you don’t use fabric softener on your period panties, as that can affect their absorbency. You’ll also want to avoid using stain spray. Rael’s period panties resist stains, but if you’re concerned, you can mild dish soap and baking soda to spot treat any areas of discoloration. 

Get Rael

You already know Rael takes period care and the environment seriously. Even our disposable period care products are made with recycled materials, and never contain harsh chemicals that could harm the environment or disrupt your hormones. Our products are made without dyes and with the use of natural, organic, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on you and Mother Earth. 

This Earth Day, consider leveling up your period care with menstrual underwear. Menstrual underwear helps lower the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and helps give you protection as you’ve never before experienced. 

Be confident on your period, and have peace of mind that you’re being earth-friendly with reusable menstrual underwear and safe disposable period care products from Rael. 


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