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Ultimate Supplement Bundle

Supplements for a Healthy, Balanced Cycle

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The Ultimate Supplement Bundle features 3 supplements that offer support throughout your entire cycle. The PMS Cramp & Bloat Relief uses clinically proven bioavailable adaptogens to reduce menstrual pain and bloating. While the Hormone Balance is designed to address issues like irregular periods and symptoms of PMS and PCOS utilizing an optimal 40:1 ratio of inositol. The Vaginal Health Probiotic works to maintain a healthy vaginal pH while also supporting a healthy gut microbiome, working to prevent issue such as Bacterial Vaginosis. Complete your cycle-care routine, starting from the inside. 

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Sugar-Free, made in a cGMP facility, and third party tested for quality assurance. 

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Ultimate Supplement Bundle

Ultimate Supplement Bundle

$58.47 Regular price $64.97


Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Allergen Free

Sugar Free

Made In A cGMP Facility

Third Party Tested

Live in Harmony with Your Cycle

Hormone Balance
Clinically proven 40:1 inositol ratio restores healthy hormone levels to promote regular menstural cycles and ease PCOS symptoms.

PMS Cramp & Bloat Relief
Provides drug-free relief from PMS symptoms such as cramps, bloating, digestion, and mood swings.

Vaginal Health Probiotic
Promotes a healthy vaginal & gut microbiome to balance pH level, guard uriniary tract, and supports healthy digestion.

Everyday Ease

  • For the Hormone Balance add 1 scoop daily to drink of choice.
  • Take 1 Vaginal Health Probiotic capsule daily with food.
  • Both can be taken morning or night.
  • For best results with the PMS Cramp & Bloat Relief take 2 capsules at first signs of symptoms. Can be taken 4 days prior to menstrual cycle and continued until day 3.
  • All supplements can be taken together.

Support All Phases Of Your Cycle

Our self-care solutions are made with clean, effective ingredients to keep you looking and feeling your best all cycle long.

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