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5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day is Tuesday, May 28 and it’s all about raising awareness of the menstruation challenges many women and girls around the world face and making healthy period supplies accessible to everyone.

When women and girls have what they need to take care of themselves and feel comfortable during menstruation, it enables them to show up us as their best selves in their lives and reach their highest potential.

Periods are not something that should be taboo. They should be celebrated which is why we’re toasting the big day with a 10% off flash sale! Whether you want to treat yourself or the women and girls in your life, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all your essential period products. Below, find more simple ways you can celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day. 

  1. Book an appointment with your gynecologist... With such busy schedules, it’s very easy to fall off track with regular check-ups with your doctor and gynecologist. Let Menstrual Hygiene Day be the motivational push you need to actually book an appointment to make sure everything is nice and healthy down there. This is the ultimate form of self-care.
  2. Spend quality time with the women in your life...Toast Menstrual Hygiene Day by simply spending some quality time with the females in your life. If it’s that time of the month for you, give yourself permission to relax and be lazy together. You can make a fun day out of it and binge watch romantic comedies while you rock matching Collagen Sheet Masks and Natural Herbal Heating Patches on your belly to ease cramps.
  3. Support period positive organizations... Menstrual Hygiene Day isn’t just about menstrual health. It’s also about sisterhood and raising each other up. That’s what makes it a great day to give back to women in need by supporting local organizations that are passionate about periods. You can volunteer your time or donate period supplies. There are also tons of MHD events happening all over the country that you can participate in. 
  4. Treat yourself (and your lady friends) to healthy period products...Take advantage of our Menstrual Hygiene Day 10% off flash sale and spoil yourself with tampons, pads, liners and other period essentials for yourself. You can also create gift bags filled with goodies like Acne Healing Patches and Period Panties and give them to the ladies you love. Our New Mom Care Kit is also great for brand new mamas and our First Period Care Kit makes a nice present for teens awaiting their first visit from Mother Nature.
  5. Raise awareness...The easiest thing you can do to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day is to just talk openly about periods. It’s time to break the stigma around something that is so natural. Have conversations about it with women, girls, men, and boys. Lead by example. Be a leader in this menstrual movement. The more conversations we have about it, the more it empowers women and girls and the less shame there is around the topic.

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