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5 Tips to Survive Your Period While Traveling

5 Tips to Survive Your Period While Traveling

There is nothing worse than preparing for an upcoming trip and then getting your period at the last minute. Anxiety about being uncomfortable on the plane ride start to roll in and you contemplate not even going. But, have no fear because we put together a list of our go-to tips to help you enjoy the most of your trip even if Aunt Flo is in town.

Here are our top 5 tips for surviving your period while traveling:

  1. Come prepared - There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane and realizing you got your period, without having any protection! Bring more pads or tampons than you expect you’ll need and keep an extra pad or tampon in your carry-on just in case. You will be happy you overpacked when you don’t run out of products.
  2. Keep yourself warm - The best way to keep your cramps at a minimum is to keep your abdomen warm to promote blood circulation. Our Natural Herbal Heating Patch was created for just this reason! Make sure to bring a pack of our heating patches to stay cramp-free during your flight. Each patch provides 6 hours of soothing cramp relief.
  3. Stay comfortable - Skip the skinny jeans and wear your most comfortable pair of sweatpants and stay even more comfortable by wearing Rael Period Panties. Our Period Panty is super breathable and offers extra support during that time of the month for optimal comfort and protection.
  4. Take care of your skin - The air quality on a plane will dry out your skin but combine that with the hormonal changes during your period and your skin may freak out. Stay hydrated and come prepared with our purifying and soothing Tea Tree Facial Sheet Masks. You will be able to keep acne at bay and keep your skin feeling hydrated.
  5. Stay fresh - Keep yourself feeling extra fresh throughout that long flight with our Organic Cotton Feminine Wipes. Made with 100% organic cotton and 100% purified water, each wipe is individually wrapped which is perfect for travel. Helpful Tip: You can also use it to wipe down your airplane seat to help avoid any extra germs.

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