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Brown Period Blood: What It Means and Is It Normal?

Brown Period Blood: What It Means and Is It Normal?

It happens to everyone; you change your period care product only to discover a very unsettling color of period blood. Brown period blood can make you wonder what’s going on inside your body. 

Relax and take a deep breath–a little brown period blood is usually nothing to worry about. We’ll talk about why it happens and what it means. 

Brown Period Blood Symptoms

Not sure whether the discharge you see is actually brown blood? Brown period blood looks ruddy and can even be slightly reddish in appearance. Typically, brown period blood is thicker in consistency than the bright, red flow you may have during heavier days. 

Clots may also accompany Brown period blood. Clots can be brown or dark red to purple in appearance. 

What Does Brown Period Blood Mean?

Brown period blood just means the blood you are currently experiencing in your flow has had a longer time to be exposed to oxygen. When blood oxygenates fully, it turns dark and can be brown and even black. 

You might have brown period blood when:

  • You first start your period. At the beginning of your period, you may shed blood from the uterus that is leftover from your last period. This is normal, and the blood will typically look brown. 
  • You are finishing up your period. Toward the end of your period, your flow will naturally slow down. This allows more time for the blood to oxygenate, turning it brown. 
  • You are becoming pregnant. Implantation bleeding can be normal and can range in color from bright red to brown. 
  • You’ve just had a baby. You will experience bleeding after you’ve had your baby, even if you do not deliver vaginally. Lochia, the name for the flow you have after childbirth, usually starts out bright red but turns to darker colors, including brown, sometimes after day four. 

Is Brown Period Blood Normal?

Yes. Brown period blood is normal, although it might not look like it. There’s no cause for alarm unless you experience other symptoms. Here are some instances when you’d want to call your doctor and let them know you’re having brown period blood.

When To See a Doc

Your doctor doesn’t need to see you if you’re experiencing normal, period-related brown discharge. However, certain circumstances and other symptoms can indicate a more significant issue. 

Call your doctor if: 

  • You are pregnant. Brown period blood may be normal during your pregnancy, but it could indicate a missed miscarriage. A missed miscarriage doesn’t usually result in bright, red blood, but some people do experience brown spotting. 
  • You have other symptoms. If you are experiencing other symptoms like pain, itching, burning, or discomfort, you could have an infection. Some infections, like pelvic inflammatory disease, can cause you to have brown discharge. 
  • You experience brown period blood between your periods. Usually, this is not a cause for alarm, but if you experience it on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to make sure it doesn’t indicate another issue. 

What To Do About Brown Period Blood

The problem with brown period blood is that it is typically thicker than the flow you have during other times of the month. It may seem more like discharge than blood. As such, it can be hard for your regular period care products (like tampons) to absorb. 

We recommend Rael’s Reusable Menstrual Cup. Our soft, flexible cup holds any type of flow for up to 12 hours and is reusable for up to 10 years with proper care and storage. As always, you won’t find any harsh chemicals in our cup that could interfere with your hormones or irritate your body. 

The menstrual cup makes it easy to stay confident and comfortable when you have brown period blood and works during every part of your period. When you need other period care products, we’ve got you covered with the most natural options available. 

Get Rael

Don’t let brown get you down–it’s normal for you to have brown period blood during your cycle. Trust Rael to deliver the cleanest, most natural period care products that honor your body and your monthly cycle from start to finish. Have an empowered period with Rael.


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