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Dark Red Period Blood: What It Means and Is It Normal?

Dark Red Period Blood: What It Means and Is It Normal?

Changes in your flow and the color of period blood can make you wonder if everything is okay. It’s normal to be concerned about different colors of period blood. Dark red period blood can be frightening if you are used to seeing a bright-colored flow. Here’s what it means. 

Dark Red Period Blood Symptoms

If you are experiencing period blood that looks a little vampy, it’s probably completely normal. You may notice it has a thicker texture or even contains clots. The color of dark red period blood will be deep red to crimson. Clotting can even appear black. 

Normally, you’ll notice dark, red period blood on lighter flow days, even if the amount of blood you see seems like a lot. Usually, it’s way less than you think it would normally be. 

What Does Dark Red Period Blood Mean?

Probably nothing, so don’t worry. Dark, red period blood can be completely normal. 

Many women notice their flow changes to this darker color:

  • At the beginning of their cycles. Sometimes, your cycle may start off with dark red period blood. It may even be accompanied by premenstrual discharge. There are numerous reasons why you may experience premenstrual discharge, and it is usually very normal. 
  • Toward the end of their cycle. When you are bleeding less, your flow may appear darker in color. The last two to three days of your period may be lighter, and you may notice your blood is darker in color.
  • After they first wake up. If you’ve been lying down, some of your flow will be trapped in your uterus. The blood is technically exposed to oxygen, but not enough to have turned it brown. 
  • If they’ve just had a baby. The beginning of lochia, or the discharge you experience after childbirth, is dark red for at least the first three days. After this time frame, the blood usually changes to a brighter color. 

Is Dark Red Period Blood Normal?

It’s normal to see changes in the color of your flow. Dark, red period blood can be completely normal, and it usually is. However, this color of flow can indicate an issue that will need your healthcare professional’s attention. 

When To See a Doctor

Relax and take a deep breath. We know changes in your flow can put you in a big mood, but there’s no need to panic. Here’s how to tell if your dark, red period blood warrants a trip to your doctor.

  • It happens when you aren’t on your period. If you experience spotting that is dark red, it could be a sign of implantation bleeding, which could mean you may be pregnant. 
  • You are pregnant. If you’re currently pregnant, you should see your doctor immediately. Dark, red spotting while pregnant can indicate an issue with your placenta or a possible miscarriage. 
  • You have other symptoms. Rarely, dark red period blood can be a symptom of an infection or sexually transmitted disease. However, you’ll usually have other symptoms, including vaginal discomfort and discharge. 

What To Do About Dark Red Period Blood

You don’t need to do anything differently if you experience dark red period blood. Acknowledge it and honor your body by using period care products that are gentle, natural, and able to handle your flow. 

Rael’s Reusable Menstrual Cups are the perfect solution for any kind of flow. Our cup is available in three different sizes and protects you against leaks for up to twelve hours, and is reusable for ten years with proper care and storage. 

The cup is a great option for using overnight and a better choice than wearing a tampon while you sleep. 

At Rael, we want you to feel empowered by your period. We create holistic products that work with your body to keep you comfortable and confident during every part of your cycle. 

Get Rael

Dark, red period blood may make you do a double-take, but it can be a completely normal part of your cycle. See your doctor if you have other symptoms, are pregnant, or think you may be pregnant. 

Rael is your source for period care products that keep your body happy during all types of flows. You’ll never find harsh chemicals in our products that could interfere with your hormones or irritate your body. 


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