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Essentials to get you through your gym workout while on your period

Working out on your period can be a wonderful thing, but let’s be real. Sometimes—scratch that, most of the time—it’s just easier said than done. Heading to the gym with cramps can seem daunting, but we promise that’s half the battle! Here's a list of our favorite gym essentials to help overcome the other half and crush your work out, even with Aunt Flo.

  1. Acne Healing Patches. Cover up and heal menstrual breakouts at the same time. These tiny patches work big wonders for your skin. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them sliding off in the middle of HIIT.
  2. Aluminum-free deodorant. Hormonal imbalances can trigger changes in our sweat glands and body odor (read: we’re generally more stinky during that time of month) so using a natural, high-performing deodorant can make all the different. We particularly love this natural deodorant by Native.
  3. Tampons and liners. Together. Yes, you read that right! When we’re going to the gym, we like feeling extra-extra secure because, let’s face it, better safe than sorry. Rael’s Cotton Tampons and Liners make the perfect duo for comfort and security.
  4. Quality gear. When we feel bloated or blue, we like reaching for high-quality, vibrant workout clothes that make us look good, feel better and train harder. Inclusive brands like Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective are taking these essentials to the next level.
  5. Heating Patches. Don’t let cramps cramp your style. Rael’s easy-to-use heating patches adhere to underwear (or high-waisted leggings) to soothe aches and provide comfort before, during and after your workout session.
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