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Hot Girl Summer: How to Make Periods Better This Season

Hot Girl Summer: How to Make Periods Better This Season

Menstruation on its own can often feel like a challenge if it's accompanied by symptoms such as cramps, bloating, breakouts, headaches, tender boobs, and mood swings. During summertime, you add in heat and humidity, and, well, it makes the experience far less comfortable. It's not the heat to blame, per se, but rather how it affects your stress levels. The hotter the temperature rises, the more stress your body feels, and that stress can cause imbalanced hormones, which may worsen period symptoms.  

During your period, your body temperature also rises. Plus, high heat can also lead to dehydration. In short, periods during summer are no fun. Thankfully, there are easy things you can do not just to make summer periods suck a little less but also celebrate them. Summer 2021 has been deemed the hot girl summer after all, which is all about living your most confident life no matter what. Ahead, your guide for not just surviving but thriving during summer periods. 

Stay hydrated

Fatigue in the days leading up to your period and during the first few days of your bleed is no joke. You're sweating more due to the heat, which can lead to dehydration. And that dehydration can make you feel even more tired, which means you won't have the energy to go out and enjoy your summer. So, our advice: Steer clear of caffeinated drinks or sugary sports drinks before and during your period which can make you feel more blah, and stick to water. Make water more enticing by adding a squeeze of lemon or infusing it with your favorite fruit. Snacking on fruit with high water content like watermelon can also help keep you hydrated. 

Cool down for bedtime

Your body needs an environment that is nice and cool for optimal sleep quality, but with summer's high temps, that can be tricky. Try to set up a cool sleep environment by turning on a fan, sleeping with a lightweight sheet instead of a blanket, and wearing breathable pajamas. Don't worry—overnight pads, a reusable menstrual cup, or period panties have you covered (literally) while you sleep. 

Keep period products in your bag

Not being able to predict precisely when you'll start bleeding can certainly put a damper on your summer fun. The solution: keep a period kit in your bag. Stock up on your choice of summer-friendly period products such as Rael's new tampons made from 100% organic cotton (from tip to string!). Plus, these tampons have been redesigned for better absorption and come wrapped in a sustainable paper wrapper. Basically, these tampons are good for you and the environment. The best part: When you wear a tampon, you get 8 hours of leak-free protection, so you don't have to pass on all the summer fun activities like relaxing by the pool or hanging out on the beach in your bikini.

Practice mindful moments

Like previously mentioned, the sizzling temperatures cause your stress levels to rise, which kicks your hormones out of balance, making you feel more moody, uncomfortable, and cranky than usual. Incorporating mindful moments such as deep, conscious breaths throughout the day can help reduce your stress levels and make you feel better and less irritated. The best part is you can do this anywhere, anytime, including while you're at a backyard barbecue or off on a summer adventure. 

Keep up with your skincare routine

Skin tends to get oily before menstruation begins due to an increase in testosterone. When it's hot, that means you'll be sweatier too, and more sweat can result in blocked pores that trigger acne breakouts. Keeping up with your skincare routine is more important than ever for keeping your skin clear and glowy. Rael's Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask is perfect for preventing clogged pores. Pop it in the fridge before using it for an added cooling effect.  

Move your body

When you're feeling crampy, bloated, and tired during your period, the last thing you may feel like doing is exercising. We encourage you to resist the urge to be lazy and stay indoors and seize the day instead and get outdoors and move your body while doing something fun such as hiking, walking, or playing a sport. Exercise can actually ease cramps, help boost your mood, and lead to an overall more pleasant period experience. 

Rael Reminder:

Summer periods don't have to suck. Here's your guide for not just surviving but thriving during summer periods:

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