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Tampon Won't Stay in? Here's What to Do

You’re out the door and ready to start your day when you feel that uncomfortably “dropping” feeling that no one wants to experience. Your tampon can’t be falling out-you just put it in! Nevertheless, that horrible feeling of slippage forces you to make a run to the nearest bathroom to investigate. 

Most of the time, when you feel like your tampon isn’t staying in, you’re usually right. It might not be placed correctly, or it could be time to change it, but it definitely needs attention, whatever the case. 

When you deal with uncomfortable tampons regularly, it can make you wonder if something is wrong with your anatomy, but don’t worry. It’s a classic case of “it’s not you, it’s them.” Sometimes, you just aren’t using the right tampons, or they simply need to be inserted differently. 

If you constantly feel like your tampon has the urge to purge, we’ve got some tips to help you get a comfortable fit that gives you leak-free protection. 

How a Tampon Works

A tampon is a device that sits inside your vagina to collect your menstrual flow. It has a long, narrow core that is covered with absorbent cotton. The cotton absorbs your flow and expands, both vertically and horizontally, until it is full. 

Once your tampon is full, you’ll remove it and replace it with a fresh one. Tampons are single-use products. 

A tampon is convenient because it allows you to participate in activities you can’t do with a pad, like swimming or going to the beach. They can feel more comfortable to some users than other period care products.

A tampon won’t get lost inside you, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll push it too far inside your vagina. Your cervix blocks your tampon from reaching your uterus, which sits at the top of your vagina. 

A tampon needs to be changed every four to six hours to make sure they don’t leak and reduce bacteria’s growth. That’s important to know because a tampon that stays in too long can often feel like it’s falling out of your body. 

Reasons Why a Tampon Won’t Stay In

There are a few reasons why your tampon might seem like it’s trying to break free. Most of the time, there is an easy solution to fix it and help it feel and fit better. Sometimes, it just requires a little finesse. 

Here are five reasons why your tampon won’t stay in.

1. You’re a Beginner

It seems like it took forever for you to get that first tampon in finally. With the help of your parent or older sibling talking you through it (probably outside your bathroom door), you finally got brave enough to get it in all the way

That first time can feel overwhelming, and just because it went well once doesn’t mean it will go well every single time. It takes practice, and if you are feeling like your tampon is coming out within minutes of insertion, chances are you simply aren’t pushing it in far enough. 

Remember, a tampon won’t get lost inside you, and you can’t push it in too far. If you’re using a tampon with an applicator, grasp the applicator on the indication marks or where the large tube first over the smaller tube. Push the tampon inside your body until your fingertips meet your labia. 

This should be far enough to keep your tampon comfortably in place, so you don’t feel like it’s running away. 

You’ve Had a Baby

Your body changes more than you realize after having a baby. Your pelvic floor is the muscle responsible for holding your bladder and vagina in place, but after growing a tiny watermelon in your belly, that muscle becomes weaker. 

A weakened pelvic floor can lead to problems with your urinary tracthemt, and make it feel like a tampon isn’t staying in place like it should. Many people find that they simply need to switch to a different size tampon to fix the issue. 

A thicker absorbency is usually the best way to get a better, more comfortable fit once your baby arrives. If you’re still having issues with pelvic floor weakness, talk to your healthcare provider. Long-term and severe pelvic floor weakness can be a sign of a bigger issue. 

3. You Have The Wrong Size

This is probably the most common reason your tampons feel like they’re coming out when they shouldn’t be. Wearing the wrong size tampon for the job can make them seem like they’re filling too quickly and “sagging.”

If you have to change your tampon hourly, you need a bigger size. Your tampon should be able to hold a minimum of two hours’ worth of menstrual flow, but closer to four. If your regular tampons aren’t doing that for you, level up to super. 

4. It Could Be Sideways

You read that right. If you’re using a particularly light tampon, or if you put it in too quickly, it could’ve been placed slightly on its size, which can make it feel like it’s coming out. 

Normally, if you put a tampon in carelessly, you’ll know it right away. However, lighter absorbency tampons can be extremely petite, and it may be possible for you to insert it at an angle on accident without realizing it.

5. It’s The End of Your Period

The last few days of your period are usually lighter than the first few days, and that can make putting a tampon in a little more complicated. It can also make it harder for your tampon to stay securely in place. 

Many tampon users switch to pads or liners for the last few days of their period for better comfort, but switching to a lighter absorbency can also help. Although it’s tempting to leave a tampon in longer than you should on lighter days, that’s not a safe practice. Always change it every four to six hours. 

How To Fix a Sagging Tampon

When your tampon lets you down, you can fix it quickly with these tips.

  • Take it out and try again. If you immediately feel like your tampon isn’t in correctly, take it out and try to insert a new one. Don’t attempt to reinsert the same one, just toss it and try with a fresh one. 
  • Use lubricating jelly. A little dab of lubricating jelly on the applicator can help you insert a tampon more easily. This can be especially helpful for beginners and toward the end of your period. 
  • Switch your absorbency. When you’re filling a tampon too quickly, switch to a different absorbency. Likewise, if your tampons aren’t full after four hours but still feel like they are slipping around, you probably need a different absorbency. 
  • Level up to a better brand. Uncomfortable tampons shouldn’t even exist. At Rael, our 100% cotton tampons are comfortable, made with high-quality ingredients, and gentle on your body. Better tampons just feel better. 

Normally, these quick fixes will help you break the drooping tampon cycle. If you’re still not happy with your period protection, girl, get something else! 

Period Protection for All

If tampons aren’t for you, that’s totally fine. There are so many different options for period care products; you never have to settle for something you find uncomfortable. Rael has holistic options to fit everybody and every lifestyle. 

The Menstrual Cup

The cup is a flexible, silicone cup that sits inside your vagina, kind of like a tampon. However, the cup is open-ended on one side and fits differently than a tampon. 

A cup only needs to be changed every twelve hours, and you’ll also be able to reuse it every month. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants a fuss-free period that’s also eco-friendly.

Pads and Liners

Maybe you haven’t worn pads since high school and only remember them being uncomfortably thick. Today’s pads are super absorbent but still really thin, so you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing them.

Rael’s pads are made from soft, organic cotton and don’t contain any harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin or disrupt your hormones. 

Get Rael

If your tampon is on the move, it just means something isn’t working right with your body. It may need to be replaced with a fresh one or with a fresh new brand altogether. Sometimes, it could just be that you have the wrong absorbency for your flow. 

At Rael, we create period products that help you stay comfortable, protected, and confident during every phase of your period. If your period product isn’t working for you, switch to something that will. Rael’s got all the products you need to feel empowered by your period. 


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