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Top 5 Natural Products We Love At Target

Target isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve gone on a “Target run” sometime within the past year, you may have noticed the surge of new in-house lines like Auden (women’s intimates), Goodfellow & Co (men’s clothing) and Project 62 (homewares), as well as an increase of digitally-native brands displayed through aisles. Companies who once sold strictly online are quickly jumping ship to brick-and-mortar, for good reason.

Not only is this shift sparking sparkling new foot traffic for Target and similar retailers, but it’s increasing awareness—and demand, frankly—for conscious products that the retailer decides to stock on shelves. Target is a millennial haven now more than ever, and the party’s just getting started…

Of course, we had to join in on the fun.

That’s right, Rael is now available at Target! Starting today, our Pads, Pantyliners and Feminine Wash are available to shop in-store at your local location. Cue the champagne and confetti!

In honor of our foray into brick-and-mortar, we’re celebrating some of our favorite natural products you’ll be able to find alongside ours. Read on to discover new brands and products that are crushing it in the conscious space.

  1. Flamingo Razors…For the smoothest shave you can feel. Cruelty-free razors tailored specifically for women, made by the team at men’s grooming label Harry’s (also available at Target).
  2. Native Deodorant…For aluminum-free, paraben-free, toxic-free odor protection that’ll keep you smelling good and feeling fresh even during that sweaty gym session
  3. The Good Stuff Hair Care…For a better way to take care of your hair, and our planet. The No-Rinse Conditioner is revolutionary, we kid you not.
  4. ella + mila Nail Polish…For rich color and a healthy glow. Pair with their Soy Remover when you want to move on to the next, because even your nails and cuticles deserve optimal health.
  5. Rael Feminine Care…For the safest, most effective menstrual protection. Because you—and your body—deserve the best. Learn more about Rael’s organic feminine care here.

Alongside our Target launch, we’re also excited to introduce a redesigned look and feel that reflects our evolved aesthetic. Find Rael at your local Target and let us know what you think on Instagram.  

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