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Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)
Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)
Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)
Product image 1Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)
Product image 2Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)
Product image 3Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners (4535949590643)

Organic Cotton Incontinence Liners
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2 Sizes 72-96 count

Regular price $15.00

When we laugh so hard that we pee ourselves, it could be a sign of great comedy. But if you also feel a trickle when you cough, sneeze, or exercise, this extra pressure on your bladder is called Stress Incontinence. No need to stress though! Our ultra-soft Organic Cotton Cover Liners for Bladder Leaks discreetly soak up urine so you can feel fresh and comfy all day. Regular includes 72 liners total, Long includes 96 liners total. May ship in single or 2-packs. 

Made With

soft and breathable hypoallergenic sheets that alleviate unpleasant odors and irritation, while providing the highest levels of leak protection.

Made Without

harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.



You are a natural wonder. So is Rael.

Soak It All In

Super absorbent 4-layer core prevents overflowing for all-day dryness.

Safe and suitable for all women, skin types, and lifestyles. Ideal for postpartum use.

The Result:

That feeling when you can push hard in spin class because you know the liner will work so much harder.

Organic, comfortable, and incredibly effective feminine care Made with potent, naturally-derived ingredients and without the use of harsh or irritating chemicals. Period.
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