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Soothing Feminine Wipes
Soothing Feminine Wipes
Soothing Feminine Wipes
Soothing Feminine Wipes
Soothing Feminine Wipes
Product image 1Soothing Feminine Wipes
Product image 2Soothing Feminine Wipes
Product image 3Soothing Feminine Wipes
Product image 4Soothing Feminine Wipes
Product image 5Soothing Feminine Wipes

Soothing Feminine Wipes
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On-The-Go Cleanse + Refresh 60 count

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When you notice yourself feeling a little ripe down there, quickly wipe away odor-causing bacteria and sweat with our pre-moistened Soothing Feminine Wipes. Formulated with clean botanical ingredients, our feminine wipes are safe for daily use for all skin types to cleanse & moisturize irritated skin after exercise, sex, or everyday bathroom use. These silky-soft gentle wipes come in a convenient portable pouch with a resealable cap so it can go wherever you do.

Made With

Calming Hibiscus Extract, moisturizing Coconut Extract, and nourishing Mugwort Extract.


pH Balanced & Portable Cleanse and soothe your vulva on-the-go without disturbing your pH level.
Smell Ripe? Just Wipe! 

Instant Freshness In The Palm Of Your Hands

Directions: Gently wipe from front to back. Flush or discard in a trashcan. Ensure pouch is resealed to preserve moisture.

Immediately feel clean with Coconut Extract that fights bacteria & locks in moisture, soothing Hibiscus Extract rich in anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritation, and Mugwort Extract rich with Vitamin E to nourish dry skin.

The Result:

That refreshed feeling when you towel off after a dip in the pool on the hottest day of summer.

Give your vulva the spa treatment Our vaginal wipes are safe for daily use even for the most sensitive skin. We use clean ingredients without harsh chemicals to effectively remove odor-causing bacteria and sweat that can appear after exercise, sex, and life in general. Learn More About Vulva Care
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