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Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Microcrystal Spot Cover | Before & After
Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Microcrystal Spot Cover
Microcrystal Spot Cover
Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Product image 1Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Product image 2Microcrystal Spot Cover | Before & After
Product image 3Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Product image 4Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)
Product image 5Microcrystal Spot Cover
Product image 6Microcrystal Spot Cover
Product image 7Microcrystal Spot Dot (1992366948467)

Microcrystal Spot Cover
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For Early Stage Acne 9 count

Regular price $12.00

When you feel a zit below the surface getting ready to break out and ruin your day, press a Microcrystal Spot Cover onto the forming blemish and the microcrystals will take it from there, penetrating deep below your skin's surface and delivering soothing White Willow Bark Extract, bacteria-fighting Totarol, and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. You can't swipe left on acne to stop it from bothering you, but pressing a spot dot on your face is just as easy. This acne treatment is safe for all skin types and ideal for absorbing excess pus, oil, and dirt from the face. 

Best For

Early stage “unpoppable” acne that can sometimes be red and/or painful to touch

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Fight breakouts below the surface
  • Microcrystal technology made with naturally exfoliating White Willow Bark Extract penetrates deep to unclog pores
  • Tea Tree Oil and Totarol work together to combat acne by calming redness and fighting bacteria
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin for faster healing
Are zits getting under your skin?

Block blemishes before they break out.  

Directions: Activate microcrystals by pressing spot dot onto zit for 3 seconds and leave for 4-8 hours until it turns white. Peel off and embrace clarity.

The Result:

That blemish below the surface never sees the light of day.

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