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7 Ways to Love Your Rael Skin

7 Ways to Love Your Rael Skin

Love is in the air this February, and we’re here for it. Our theme this month is “Love Your Rael Skin.” What does that mean? It’s about appreciating and honoring yourself and showing your skin the love it deserves. Below, find seven easy ways to step up your self-care this month and love your Rael skin. 

Go makeup-free

Makeup is an excellent tool for highlighting and enhancing our beauty, but there’s something so empowering about going au naturel and letting your real skin shine. Show your skin some love once in a while by skipping the face makeup and allowing your skin to breathe. Just apply a coat of mascara, a swipe of tinted lip balm, and a brush of blush, and you’re good to go. Nude skin for the win. 

Care about your skincare ingredients

Conventional skincare products tend to be filled with toxic ingredients. One of the best things you can do for your skin and your wellbeing is reading ingredient labels and educating yourself on harmful ingredients. If you’ve yet to make the switch to clean beauty and skincare, let this be your sign. Not sure where to start? Rael’s Glow All Out Kit is made with naturally derived ingredients and without any chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or artificial dyes—ever. 

Protect your skin

Love on your Rael skin by doing a stellar job at protecting it too. That means taking off your makeup at night and cleansing your face to get rid of dirt and grime that can damage your skin. And, don’t forget to apply your SPF daily, even when you’re just hanging out or working from home. Your skin will thank you later. 

Elevate your skincare with a multi-step routine

It’s no secret that at Rael we’re big fans of K-beauty. In fact, our entire Rael Beauty line is inspired by K-beauty and developed with innovative formulations and ingredients. Part of the magic behind K-beauty is its multi-step skincare routine approach. Each product and step is specially designed to serve a specific purpose and work together to deliver results. So if you’ve previously considered yourself a skincare minimalist, we encourage you to treat your skin this month by adding some steps into your skincare routine and experience K-beauty for yourself. 

Recite skin-friendly affirmations

If we tell our loved ones we love them, why wouldn’t we share the same love and affection to our skin too? Reciting positive affirmations about your skin is a great way to cultivate more self-love. Here are some examples to get you started: 

  • My skin gets glowier and glowier every day. 
  • I love my skin, and it loves me. 
  • My Rael skin is beautiful, and I let it shine. 
  • I nourish my skin daily from the inside and out. 

Use these examples or develop your own affirmations based on how you want to feel and repeat them as often as possible. Pro tip: You can take this self-love practice up a notch by saying the affirmations in front of a mirror.

Use skincare products that work

If you’re investing your hard-earned money on skincare products, you want to ensure that they’re actually delivering on their promise. Rael’s Glow Chemistry Serum and Moisture Melt Snowball, for example, lives up to the hype. The proof is in the results. The skincare duo has been clinically proven to deliver instant and continuous moisture for 100 hours Yup! That’s four plus days of mega hydrated skin. 

A clinical study also showed that the Glow Chemistry Serum and Moisture Melt Snowball instantly boost radiance by 27% after a single-use. Can you say glowy? Plus, over 90% of study participants noticed tighter pores and firmer and more supple skin after two to four weeks of use. 

Nourish your skin from the inside out

A great skincare routine includes more than just the products you apply topically. Skincare also happens from the inside out. Show your skin how much you care by staying well hydrated (keeping an aesthetically pleasing water bottle with you helps!) and eating nourishing foods. Foods high in vitamin C, such as berries and oranges, are especially helpful at achieving a glow from within. Collagen-boosting foods such as bone broth, chicken, fish, egg whites, and garlic are also great to add to your diet. Collagen is what gives skin its supple, youthful look. 

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