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Five Benefits of Organic Skin Care Products

Five Benefits of Organic Skin Care Products

We all want gorgeous, glowing skin, but just sitting around waiting for it to magically happen doesn’t work. Changes in hormones, different makeup products, the environment, and our skincare routine can send our skin into crisis mode, leaving it dull, dry, overly oily, or covered with breakouts. 

Organic skincare could be the solution, but with so many beauty industry buzzwords, it’s hard to know what organic skincare is and why it’s a good solution. Is it the same as clean beauty? What about K Beauty? 

The team at Rael loves to talk about skincare, and together, we’ll learn about the benefits of better, natural beauty products. We’ll also give you five reasons why using them is a better option for getting glowing, healthy skin. 

Organic, Clean, Green-What’s the Difference?

It would be a lot easier to understand skincare if companies all had one standard for what the terms organic, clean, and green meant, but they don’t. 

The terms clean and green, for instance, aren’t regulated. That means a company can basically market any item to you as clean or green, and there’s no one double-checking to make sure the product actually lives up to that standard…because the standard doesn’t exist. 

For organics, there is a standard, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be any better for you than other skincare products.


The USDA regulates certified organic products. The term “organic” refers to something that is grown or farmed. Some materials, then, can’t ever be organic. Minerals that you find in eyeshadows can’t be grown or farmed, so they can’t be organic. 

Organic ingredients have been grown, farmed, or harvested by standards set forth by the USDA. It usually means they haven’t been made with any pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals that could interfere with the final product. 


Green beauty is a term you’ll often hear when a company makes products that contain natural, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical or synthetic ingredients. However, the term “green” doesn’t guarantee purity or quality. Green products may contain some plant-based ingredients but also contain synthetics and chemicals. 


Clean beauty generally means products created with natural, plant-based ingredients and the absence of harmful chemicals and ingredients that could be irritating. Clean beauty doesn’t automatically mean organic, but clean products are generally safer and better for your skin than traditional beauty products.

Is Organic Better Than Green or Clean?

While organic is the only regulated term, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than a non-organic green or clean product. It costs money for a company to get organic certification. Some companies may opt to forgo an organic certification, even if the ingredients they use are clean, natural, and sustainably sourced. 

Many companies rely on the effectiveness of their products to do the job for them. Transparency with ingredients also makes a difference; if a company isn’t willing to disclose certain ingredients and why they use them, there’s reason to question whether the product is safe. 

What Clean Means to Rael

At Rael, we have a pretty high standard for what we consider clean beauty. Our skincare products are based on K beauty technology, founded in a traditionally natural, holistic practice of creating glowing, healthy skin. 

Korean beauty is classically a 10-step program that involves double washing, applying toners and serums, and hydration layers to keep skin completely nourished. Korean women favor natural radiance to color correction with layers of foundation and concealer. 

Rael’s skincare system is a streamlined, 8-step program that uses natural, plant-based products to keep your skin looking as healthy and radiant as it during the second week of your monthly cycle.  

Follicular Phase Beauty

The second phase of your monthly cycle is called the follicular phase. It’s characterized by a gradual rise in estrogen levels that can elevate your mood and create seriously gorgeous skin. 

Unlike the week before your period, when your skin (and emotions) may be a little more sensitive, the follicular phase keeps your skin looking healthy. Rael’s skin system is designed to mimic how your skin acts during the second phase of your cycle, keeping it radiant all month long. 

Safe Ingredients

Rael’s skincare is also free from ingredients that could be harmful to your skin and the environment. Our mission is to create clean, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products. That means in any Rael product; you’ll never find:

  • Synthetic fragrance. In the U.S., fragrance is proprietary, which means a company doesn’t have to tell you every ingredient added to a product to give it its scent. Fragrance can contain everything from chemicals to animal parts. 
  • Artificial dyes. Dyes in your skincare can get into your pores and travel into your body. At best, they can be irritating and harsh on your skin. At worst, they could cross into your bloodstream. 
  • Phthalates. Linked to endocrine disruption, phthalates can be often found in color cosmetics and in moisturizers. They may even cause reproductive toxicity.
  • Sulfates. Sulfates are added to products to give them cleansing power and create foam bubbles. They can be incredibly irritating to the skin, which is why at Rael, we never use them. 
  • Mineral Oils. Mineral oil is a petroleum product. On its own, when refined correctly, it doesn’t pose any health risks. However, petroleum products that aren’t refined properly can be contaminated with dangerous chemicals. 
  • Silicones. Silicones haven’t been proven to provide any actual benefit to your skin, and because they can be laced with some pretty gnarly chemicals, we avoid using them in all our products. 

Rael’s skincare never contains ingredients that could be harsh and irritating your skin or damaging and dangerous to your body. It’s our commitment to you and your skin. Using these products leads to better, healthier skin. Here’s why.

Five Benefits of Organic, Green, and Clean Beauty

If your skin is dull, dry, sensitive, oily, or acne-prone, using natural products can dramatically change your skin for the better. Here are five benefits of using natural and clean products over traditional beauty products. 

1. No Chemicals

Chemical ingredients can be harsh and irritating to your skin. What’s more, they could be dangerous for your overall health. Using organic or clean products can eliminate or drastically reduce your exposure to chemicals, which means better skin health.

2. Natural Ingredients

Nature is the best source of skin-nourishing ingredients. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are all found in natural, plant-based sources and work synergistically with your skin to keep it looking and feeling radiant. 

3. Gentle on Your Skin

Tired of using products that irritate your skin? We get it. Sometimes, even products that target skin sensitivity can cause your skin to react negatively. Natural ingredients are powerful but gentle on the skin. Using them helps keep your skin balanced and healthy. 

4. Less Allergens

Did you know that some known allergens are still used in traditional skincare products? For instance, sulfates like sodium Laureth sulfate are known skin irritants that cause redness, itchiness, and irritation. Natural, clean products avoid known allergens to keep your skin from reacting when you use a new product. 

5. Better for the Environment

We can all do our part to be a little more environmentally conscious, and using clean or organic products can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Even though traditional beauty products usually contain ingredients that are cheap to produce, the cost to the environment is really high. 

Clean beauty products are environmentally safer and generally more sustainable, so you can keep a clear conscience while getting clearer skin. Bonus, they’re usually packaged in something recycled and recyclable, too. 

Get Rael

Organic skincare contains natural ingredients planted, grown, harvested, or farmed to standards that ensure they don’t contain pesticides, chemicals, or other dangerous ingredients. 

Clean beauty products don’t have to be organic but are still generally plant-based and natural, and avoid the use of certain ingredients to keep your skin and body safe. 

Rael’s skincare is based on K Beauty technology, focusing on holistic, natural skincare to produce radiance and a healthy glow. We never use known allergens and are just as strict with the ingredients we allow in our products as the ingredients we keep out. 

You can trust Rael’s skincare to help you get beautiful, healthy skin naturally. Be good to your body and your skin with Rael’s hydrating line of serums, cleansers, and moisturizers.  


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