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Collagen Mask Benefits: Improve Your Skin Health

If we’re honest, most of us would agree we’d like to look as young as we feel. Maybe we aren’t attempting to recapture our teenage years, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t feel comfortable and beautiful in our skin. As we get older, our skin begins to show signs of aging faster than virtually any other part of our body. 

Many anti-aging remedies include invasive procedures or the use of harsh chemicals. 

If you’re in search of a more natural way to stop the clock on the aging process, using collagen masks is a good solution. 

Collagen masks can help you get skin that looks visibly more youthful and feels more comfortable without injections, peels, or products with questionable ingredients. At Rael, we seek out ways to take care of our skin holistically. Our philosophy is that when we’re good to our skin, it gives us good results, and we’ve done the research to find the best natural products to help you recapture the skin of your youth. 

One of the best ways to get glowing, radiant skin is by regularly using a collagen mask. Hear us on this: it’s never too early to start using collagen products. Read that again, because it’s incredibly important. 

In fact, the sooner you begin using them, the less likely you’ll be to develop signs of aging prematurely. Combined with other good skin habits, like wearing sunscreen, using collagen products, like masks, can help you keep your skin looking and feeling great.  

We’ll give you all the info you need about what collagen is, how it helps with anti-aging, and how collagen masks can improve your skin health. We’ll also discuss the safety of the main ingredient in collagen masks, hydrolyzed collagen. 

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein found in your body. It’s the most abundant protein your body makes, and it’s the major building block of ligaments, tendons, and other important connective tissues. It also plays a huge role in strengthening your bones and keeping your skin healthy. 

Collagen helps keep your skin strong and healthy by keeping it firm, hydrated, and giving it its elasticity. Collagen is what makes your face appear fuller when you are young. When you begin to see fine lines and wrinkles, it can be because of a decrease in your skin’s collagen production. 

As we age, our collagen production slows, making it even easier for fine lines and wrinkles to form. Combined with other sources of skin distress, like free radical damage from sun and pollution, your skin can begin to age faster than it has to, and that’s when we call collagen to the rescue.

What is a Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Your skin might have decided to slow down collagen production, but you can fight back by using products that contain hydrolyzed collagen. 

Sounds like science, works like nature. 

Hydrolyzed collagen is a type of collagen supplement that has been broken down so that it is easier for the skin to absorb. Most hydrolyzed collagen will be derived from bovine, chicken, and/or marine animals. It’s a natural ingredient that your skin can use to help support and replenish lower collagen stores, and also encourage the healthy production of new collagen. 

Using hydrolyzed collagen products can help support your skin’s own natural collagen production. 

The best part about using hydrolyzed collagen products is that they are considered safe and non-toxic. 

In fact, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has given hydrolyzed collagen a score of 1, which is the safest, and most non-toxic score any product ingredient can be given. The EWG holds product ingredients to extremely strict standards, so being awarded a rating of 1 should give you peace of mind about the non-toxicity of hydrolyzed collagen. 

Although you can take hydrolyzed collagen as an oral supplement to benefit your bone and muscle health, getting the collagen-rich benefits to your skin is more effective when applied topically. One of the best ways to get the skin soothing and restoring benefits of hydrolyzed collagen topically is through regular use of a collagen mask. 

Collagen Mask Benefits

Collagen masks are sheet styled masks that deliver a high potency dose of hydrolyzed collagen to your skin. The design of the mask allows the hydrolyzed collagen to penetrate deeply while it is covered with the mask.

The collagen masks offered by Rael:

  • Contain a high dose of hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Offer soothing, and hydrating wheat amino acids.
  • Moisturize the skin with licorice root.
  • Do not contain any harsh ingredients that could strip skin of its natural moisture, or cause irritation to the skin. 

If the promise of more youthful, healthful skin sounds appealing, we promise that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what you can expect from using a collagen mask.

Collagen masks help with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

It’s why you bought the package of masks in the first place; to smooth and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a collagen mask just once a week for ten to twenty minutes can dramatically reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles and leave you with skin that looks more youthful, more rested, and overall fuller in appearance. 

You’ll find that the more you use a collagen mask, the more dramatic your results will be. 

Rael’s collagen sheet masks are well tolerated and suitable for dry, oily, and combination skin types. Your skin type changes throughout your monthly cycle, so no matter what your skin is giving you in terms of texture and moisture that day, it’s okay to use a collagen mask.

Collagen masks hydrate and moisturize. 

In addition to dosing your skin with natural age-defying ingredients, collagen masks also help hydrate your skin deeply, penetrating the surface of your skin to deliver moisture where your skin needs it the most. 

Even if you have skin that seems oily, using a hydrating collagen mask can be incredibly beneficial. Sometimes oily skin is the result of lack of hydration. Your skin becomes dehydrated and your sebaceous glands go into overdrive producing additional oil to lubricate your dry skin. 

Using a hydrating collagen mask can help balance the skin’s natural moisture levels, so dry places are well hydrated, and oilier areas settle down.

Collagen masks can help restore a youthful glow. 

Youthful, healthy skin glows. Much like the way your skin looks radiant and flushed after a particularly great hot yoga session, a collagen mask can also give your skin a radiant, healthy looking complexion that lasts. 

Rael’s collagen masks contain licorice root, which is effective in smoothing the skin and improving overall appearance. Over time, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in skin’s overall tone. 

Collagen masks keep skin soft and supple.

When your skin is filled with collagen, as it is when you’re younger, it’s firmer and more supple. The overall elasticity of your skin is completely different when you age and begin to lose some of that collagen. 

Using a collagen mask can help you regain some of that same elasticity. As your skin begins to respond to the collagen mask, it’s own collagen production becomes healthier and more active, boosting your skin’s elasticity and texture. Skin feels firmer, looks more taute, and feels more comfortable. 

Collagen masks are non-invasive. 

We mentioned earlier how some anti-aging procedures can be incredibly invasive. From injections to harsh chemical peels, to topical products with ingredients that could be harmful and/or toxic to your body, it can seem like you’re doomed to undergo pain as the price for healthier looking skin. 

At Rael, we don’t think beauty should be painful or potentially harmful to your health. That’s why we trust hydrolyzed collagen as a gentle, yet incredibly effective means of keeping skin looking young and healthy, without compromising safety. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your skin looking healthy and young in a natural, holistic way is easy when you trust a brand that never compromises on product ingredients. Your skin changes multiple times during your monthly cycle, but using a collagen mask during any phase of your cycle is a great idea to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. 

You can get maximum benefit from using a collagen mask by combining it with other skincare products that help keep your skin looking and feeling comfortable and healthy during every phase of your monthly cycle. 

In addition to good health practices, like getting adequate sleep, wearing sunscreen, and honoring your skin by using products that are free from known toxins, using a collagen mask can help your skin look youthful, feel great, and glow. 


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